August 23, 2007

I'm Not Here To Talk About The Past...

or so quoth Mark McGwire once upon a steroid inquisition...I mean hearing.

But unlike Big Mac, I am here to talk about the past, namely The Bus' recent admission that he faked an injury to avoid getting cut, back in 2000. So far, this storyline from his new book has made the most waves, from what I can tell, and for the most part the reactions have been appropriately understanding. Though I imagine some of you may be thinking negatively...

I'm here to tell you that I, for one, don't really care that he faked an injury. In fact, I'm glad he did. Had he not, and the likely natural result ran its course, Bettis probably would have no longer been a Steeler, not gone on to rank #9 in the NFL in rushing yards with 1,341 yards that season, or be named the team's MVP.

Frankly, if you weren't/aren't happy he faked that injury, in my humble opinion, you should probably reconsider. In addition to the fact that he had great production during and after 2000 (for at least a few more years), he wanted to be a Steeler. Sure he wanted to get paid too, and he should get paid for what he did for the team, but more importantly, I don't think he wanted to go anywhere else. The Bus loved Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh loved The Bus. Still do to this day...most do anyway, and despite what Bettis may say about the Steelers in his job as an analyst for NBC, you know he loves them, and Steeltown.

Jerome, big ups on a ridiculous career my friend. I ain't mad at ya'.
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