August 23, 2007

Five More Reasons Not To Cut Dan Kreider...

Ever since we first caught wind of the potential that Dan Kreider could be left off of the Steelers 53-man roster, I've been following the story pretty closely. So I was pleasantly surprised this morning when I read a Post-Gazette article in which Fast Willie Parker professed his man-love for Kreider.

According to Parker, who seems to be coming to grips with the realistic notion that he could be down one blocking back in 2007:

"It's not the same, we got a lot of plays with the tight end as the extra blocker. I'm not saying something's wrong, but it's not the same."
Agreed Willie. And in honor of Parker's lament, I've come up with the following 5 reasons why the Steelers should NOT cut Dan least not anytime soon ~
  1. Our Offensive line is still best.
  2. We have no proof that Matt Spaeth or Carey Davis can block like Kreider.
  3. Who wants to see Kreider in a Browns (or Cardinals) uniform? Not me, I'll tell you that...
  4. He's a native can we cut one of our own who's been a stud for so long?
  5. I know he's strictly a blocking back for us, but I think if given the chance, he could be a fairly useful receiving weapon. I'm no "insider" per se, but I can't remember any distinct instances in which we've thrown a catchable ball his way, and he hasn't brought it down for some positive yardage...though maybe I missed something.
There you have it, 5 (probably in no way) credible reasons why the Steelers should think long and hard before cutting Dan Kreider. Any reactions? Am I way off? Anyone want to make a case for cutting Kreider?

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Parker Likes to Have Kreider Out In Front []...PS - glad he doesn't like Kreider from behind...was that too much? I couldn't resist.

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