June 19, 2007

Has The Whole World Gone Crazy?? Part II...

Yes, we're talking this stupid top QB list from Peter King again...

Because, an "Anonymous" commenter aptly raised an issue with my post yesterday evening - What do I think? I kind of danced around it because frankly, and I don't know if it came across or not, yesterday was one of the most worthless days my brain has had in a long time. Probably the product of a heavy weekend emphasis on binge drinking (consequently I'm getting too old for that shit).

Nonetheless, I thought that in response, I would attempt to re-rank the NFL's 32 would-be starting QBs to my own liking.

Now keep in mind, unlike Peter King, I'm looking at both the QBs current situation as well as their body of work as a whole in the NFL. Sounds kind of like a paradox, but you'll understand as you see where I rank certain players.

Here's how I would break it down:

1. Tom Brady
2. Peyton Manning
3. Drew Brees
4. Marc Bulger
5. Carson Palmer (I guess...reluctantly)
6. Brett Favre (again, think about the body of work as a whole...he's in a bad situation currently, but he's done enough...)
7. Ben Roethlisberger
8. Philip Rivers (although I'm not a true believer yet - needs to show me one more full season)
9. Jake Delhomme (I understand the concern and why they'd bring in David Carr but I think Delhomme will have a better go-round this year)
10. Matt Hasselbeck
11. Steve McNair
12. Chad Pennington
13. Vince Young
14. Donovan McNabb
15. Eli Manning
16. Jon Kitna
17. Jeff Garcia (yeah, I said it...)
18. Trent Green
19. Alex Smith
20. JP Losman
21. Michael Vick
22. Matt Leinart
23. Jason Campbell
24. Tony Romo
25. Jay Cutler
26. Rex Grossman
27. Byron Leftwich
28. Matt Schaub
29. Charlie Frye
30. Josh McCown
31. Tavaris Jackson
32. Brody Croyle (though I think he has good potential to quickly climb this list after 2007-2008)
Honestly though, I'm not convinced this would be my final answer. There were a lot of spots where I spent significant time going over in my head who I thought belonged. I guess what I'm saying is - this is a lot harder than it seems.

Still, Peter King's assesment is off, mine is better...I am the greatest. Feel free to tell me how wrong I am, I don't really care.



Black n Gold said...

I'll critique you. I don't think you should use the whole body of work because for Favre, that's like 40 years ago. It should be the last 5 seasons and how you think they'll fare this season. Basically, the way I would do my list is if the Steelers had their chance at any QB, who (as a fan) would I want?

With that said, Favre is way too high on your list. He's middle of the road at best. Any other QB with his numbers the last 3 years wouldn't have a job anywhere.

Hasselbeck should be higher--guy is underrated. I'd take him on our team right after Ben. I think those two are neck and neck. I like your ranking of Garcia. I think he's even higher than that...dude can play.

Again, here's my 10 (it has already changed base on my criteria of who I'd want to be the Steelers QB)

Brady, Manning, Brees, Palmer, Bulger, Roethlisberger, Hasselbeck, Rivers, Cutler, either McNair or Delhomme at the 10.

Cotter said...

I can understand your argument about Favre, he's definitely seen better days and probably should have retired three years ago.

My thinking in all this was that the 40 (doesn't it seem like that?) years experience he has gives him an edge over some younger guys especially since he's seen both highs and lows. I think my preference in QBs tends to skew towards the veterans. Experience is tantamount. There's a lot to be said for talent, but until a guy has experienced the NFL fully, I can't very well count him among the proven elite (Though I probably should have Rivers lower based on this).

That said, you're 100% right - Favre probably is a little high.

As for Hasselbeck I could see him right behind Ben on my list (ahead of Rivers and Delhomme)...he was a tough one. I don't know if I'd want him as my QB in the Super Bowl (see 2005) but he's definitely got a lot of talent.

The only guy I would dispute on your list is Cutler. You very well might be right about him, but until he's seen at least a full season my jury will still be out.

Otherwise, I'm in total agreement with you!