January 30, 2007

Super Bowl XLI Field General...

Afer I read this NY Times story, I just had to post something.

This may be the best first three lines of an article ever written.

The first two lines:

On one side of the field Sunday will be a quarterback who completed more passes this season than Joe Namath in 1968, for more yards than Roger Staubach in 1977, at a higher percentage than Johnny Unitas in 1970.

He threw more touchdowns passes than Joe Montana in 1981, with fewer interceptions than Terry Bradshaw in 1979, and with a higher passer rating than Len Dawson in 1969.
Think you know the answer? Well not so fast...here's the next line -
On the other side of the field will be Peyton Manning.
BOMBSHELL! Wow, you mean someone is actually giving props to Rex Grossman? Weird...this whole "which rex grossman will show up?" storyline is part of the reason I hope Rex comes out and has a ridiculous game on Sunday.

A fun picture of Rex for you...

Chart comparing Rex and Peyton Manning

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