January 31, 2007

Leave Him Alone, The Man's Done Enough...

I've about heard enough of the Brett Favre "will he retire? will he play another year?" story. Last offseason not a week went by (or so it seemed) when ESPN or somebody else had an "update" on the "Brett Favre situation".

Listen. The guy has played something like 15 years in Green Bay and started every single game (for the Packers). He holds the record for most consecutive games played. He's the Cal Ripken of the NFL. If he wants to come back and play, great. If not, he's still a first ballot hall of famer with at least one Super Bowl ring. What else is there left for him to accomplish? Nothing. But one of the things that makes Favre great is that he's not playing for accomplishments. Sure, he's proud of his career, but he isn't prolonging his career for any other reason than the fact that he loves the game and he loves winning.

I think the real point here is, the mainstream media needs a new topic of conversation (and I don't mean the racial storyline of this Super Bowl, because that's played out too). Here's one -

More Info on the man, the myth, the legend of Favre


Anonymous said...

hi i know your retiring but we love you all i'll see you realy soon.

Anonymous said...

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