January 8, 2007

Reflections of Wild Card Weekend...

Some great games this past weekend, right down to the wire. A true fan's delight. I can't say I wasn't happy that Dallas and both New York teams lost, not necessarily because I dislike them in any way (although I have my bias's), but mostly because I don't think they fit with this season's playoff picture.

But in any case, now that we are on to the Divisional round, it would seem our matchups look like this:

Indianapolis AT Baltimore
New England AT San Diego

Philadelphia AT New Orleans
Seattle AT Chicago

So who will be the victors you ask? If I had to call it right now, I would have to say Ravens over Colts, Pats over Chargers, Saints over Eagles and Seattle over Chicago. Now, keep in mind, I may change my opinion as the week drags on.

All I know right now, is I can't wait to see Adalius Thomas, Bart Scott and maybe even Ray Lewis rip Peyton Manning apart. See Steeler game from November as reference...

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