January 14, 2007

It Was A Quarterback's Duel...

er...rather a Defensive duel? I'm at a loss for words to qualify yesterday's AFC Divisional game between the Colts and Ravens. I was convinced the Ravens had the Defensive prowess and just enough offensive weaponry that this game would be a no brainer. Again, just like last week's AFC Wild Card game, I was wrong. The Colts, despite a dismal performance by their leader Peyton Manning, managed to eke out a win with defensive play. Of course, when Steve McNair and the Ravens turn the ball over, you are bound to more often than not lose. Either way, hats off to the Colts even though I still can't stand Peyton Manning (although I wouldn't mind seeing Colts vs. Pats next week!).

As for yesterday's second game, I think that went just about how everyone had expected. Alot of scoring, not a ton of overwhelmingly good defense, and poor clock management by the Eagles. Now, I have many friends who, despite their otherwise good judgement, are die hard Eagles fans. I think my one solid, major argument to them as to why the Eagles are perennial playoff losers is that Andy Reid has problems managing close games and big games. Although I must say, I thought they had remedied this by turning the play calling over to Marty Morninghweig and handing the ball to Jeff Garcia (well, I guess technically that would be Garcia handing the ball to Westbrook). Apparently there is still some work to be done there. Either way, I don't think it was the Eagles fault they lost yesterday. The New Orleans Saints are just a better team this year. The Eagles had a magical run to get into the playoffs and won on an emotional last second field goal in the Wild Card game. But throughout this, I still think even they knew they were not ready for a Championship. The good news is their playcalling has balanced out significantly and next year could be bright if Donovan McNabb comes back feeling good and is able to continue with the system the Eagles have had in place since he went down in November (IE - balanced offense).

Deuce McAllister, Drew Brees, Marques Colston, Saints look real good...that's all I'll say.

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