January 31, 2007

What Would Jon Kitna Do?

DISCLAIMER: This post has nothing to do with Jon Kitna.

Well now that we're beyond pleasantries...it looks like Carson Palmer is taking a stand. No longer will Palmer endure and deal with the indiscretions of his juvenile teammates.

Quote Palmer, "Life is about making the right decisions and moving on." Wow, who knew Carson Palmer was a field general AND a philosopher?

All joking aside, here's what I think about Carson Palmer. For him to make this statement is two things - 1. Weak and 2. Untimely. He should have been denouncing these idiots actions long before now. They had 9 arrests this season! Honestly, there has never been a string of individuals exercising bad judgement like that in the NFL that I can remember (one motorcycle accident doesn't count...).

Carson Palmer reminds me of Peyton Manning. He goes out there and throws 4 TD passes in a game, but when they lose he'll blame the line or the running back, or the ball boy. Whomever he can so as to escape putting the blame on himself. What I have to say to these guys (Peyton and Carson) is that you are the team leader. Leaders must take responsibility. Maybe it's not your fault directly that you lost, but a team is 52 guys (that's a full roster, right?). Win or lose, you and those 51 other guys are in it together. When you win, everyone gets credit, when you lose everyone takes blame...including the QB. I don't care how big of a baby you are on the inside. On the outside, you admit that you guys did some things wrong, but you will learn and go out next week and win. Very simple premise.

Anyways, this could all be conjecture, since I really haven't heard too much out of Carson Palmer. But Peyton Manning take heed.

How did this end up coming back to Peyton Manning? Weird...

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