January 14, 2007

The Chargers and Patriots Haven't Met in the Playoffs Since When?

So today we have two more BIG games: Patriots vs. Chargers and Seahawks vs. Bears. Both should be very good and competitive games.

I think in order for the Patriots to win (and this ought to be pretty evident to just about everyone), they need to stop Ladanian Tomlinson and make Phillip Rivers beat them throwing the football. This could still prove treacherous without Rodney Harrison in the secondary, but frankly if New Englands corners and linebackers can bump San Diego's receivers enough off the line it might still be fine. Anyways, it should be a battle of classic AFC proportions. Probably not a lot of scoring, final score might be 24-17 or something akin.

As for Seahawks-Bears, I think we all know what needs to happen there as well. Bears D, if they really want to win has got to play like the Bears D. They've limped into the playoffs, somehow retaining home field advantage with a struggling Defense and a QB who can't get his confidence in order. IE - Seahawks have a great chance to put their collective feet on Chicago's neck if they can come out and score early, subsequently controlling the game and getting into Chicago's head(s).

Conversely, Seattle needs to run Sean Alexander. Further, Alexander needs to be a productive runner against a spectacularly talented D-line and linebacking core. This is not to say that Hasslebeck can rest on Alexanders laurels, however. If Hasslebeck plays as he should, and his receivers are able to get open against the tough (on paper at least) Bears secondary, then this should be a really good game. I'm really most interested in seeing how Rex Grossman responds to all the recent criticism. Frankly, all he needs to do is not make mistakes, take care of the ball, manage the game and be a leader. Lesser skilled QBs have even won Super Bowls. So he just needs to relax. Be cool and collected. Play mistake free football, and don't force anything.

In Rex they trust. But when all is said and done I still think the Seahawks look good enough to beat the Bears.

Only the day's game will tell.

Oh, and the answer to this post's subject line is 1963!

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