January 2, 2009

AFC North Headline Of The Day...

Ok, so I know what you're saying. But here's the thing - not only were the majority of these losses of which you speak the responsibility of Bill Cowher, but also, trends do not dictate reality. You stat nerds can throw out as many numbers as you want, but there's a reason why "Any Given Sunday" has become a popular idiom.

And hey, no 6 seed had ever won a Super Bowl before the Steelers did in '05. So what do you have to say to that?

That's what I thought.

Get more creative with your news reporting, AP. Or, you know, you could just leave it to us bloggers. We'd be doing that anyhow.

Trends may not dictate outcomes in the NFL, but you know OFTOT's trends mean these links will absolutely suck rule...

Tyrone Carter = Defensive POTW! [PSaMP]

Master Fly W. Large will NOT need to go under the knife this offseason...so that's cool...I guess [Post-Gazette]

Apparently the players call LeBeau, "Dad." Funny, I call him "The Godfather," but I guess that works too [Associated Press]

Will next year's Winter Classic be in Beaver Stadium? I sure hope so! [Philly Daily News]

This English outlet made some interesting word choices in constructing their headline about Rinku and Dinesh...that's all I'll say [Deadspin]

The Chief points out some serious New Years douchebaggery [The Chief's Forum]

I got all nerdy and took the Friday Morning Riffs online...an effort that will hopefully be joined by friends. Which reminds me - if you'd like to be a contributor, shoot me an email. Requirements? Must like to rock hard [Friday Morning Riffs]

And lastly, it looks like there's a Seahawks fan in Huntington Beach, CA...

And I quote - "cowher overrated, cause he really didn't win super bowl XL"

Right, well he really did. So, you sir, are wrong. Nice try, though.

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