January 2, 2009

Meeting People Is Easy...

Best thing about that Penn State-USC Rose Bowl yesterday? The Blue Band's Queen medley of Bohemian Rhapsody, Bicycle Race, and probably some other awesome tunes that I didn't get to hear because ABC went to commercial. Otherwise, I'll be forgetting the rest of that abomination by the end of the day. Screw you, Pac-10.

Anyways, welcome to 2009!

New Year, New Panel.

In no particular order, accompanied by audio of their "most played song" of 2008, they are...

1. Ladi Izz ~

2. Vern ~ Here you go...click on OMG

3. Sean ~

4. Shawn K ~

5. Lori ~ I cannot be relied upon to pick one of these. Choose your own adventure. Unless Lori has recommendations?

6. Doug ~

7. Noah ~ I don't wanna pick the wrong version here either. But you can check it out, here.

8. Don ~

9. Marc ~

10. The Immortal Silky Johnson ~
PS - had to go with a live version because Universal is super douchey and won't let me embed any of their artists' music. Weak. Also, Silky, your resolution is unrealistic. But I applaud the effort.

11. My Dad ~ YouTube has no answer for this one. I guess y'all will just have to download it to check it out...

12. Me ...
#1 =
#2 =
[I recommend not listening to #2 at work, or if you have any dangerous objects nearby, or around small children...and not because of the lyrics]

As always, click to enlarge...

And if you haven't perused OFTOT's Top Photoshops of 2008, I strongly urge you to check that shit out this morning.

I'm at work.

Send sedatives. Or Xanax. Either one works.


The Immortal Silky Johnson said...

Cotter ~ In response to your e-mail reply. I am aware that Big Ben's clock cleaning took place before hand, but I didn't even see the hit until the next day.

Sean said...

Nicely done!

Cotter said...

silky ~ I understand, man. The blinding feeling of ecstasy after the Eagles won meant you probably missed a lot of things, including Ben's injury. It's cool. I get the same way everytime I eat Mint Milanos.

sean ~ Thanks buddy! And for the record, I have no aversion to you breaking your New Years resolution for the next MPIE.

Noah said...

Cotter - Thanx for the Steely McBeam import there.

Lori - Somebody else loves classical music too? Score.