October 22, 2008

Troy Polamalu Needs to Wear Two Helmets...

Troy Polamalu is out of his damn mind. I mean, that's not really any big secret. He's the good kind of crazy. The kind that makes you go - "He's going to do WHAT? I didn't even know he owned a Santa suit!"

But dude, he just suffered the 7th concussion of his career and he's talking about playing on Sunday? Jesus. One concussion and I'd probably be thinking twice before getting back on the field at all. Of course, there's a huge difference between me and Troy Polamalu. Namely, I'm a pussy and he's, well, not. But that's neither here nor there.

First thing I want to know is - How effective are you one week after suffering your 7th concussion? I know Troy is a soldier (and I don't mean in the Kellen Winslow sense). But I'm just saying, what if he finds himself out there on the field, disoriented for even a second and something or someone slips by him that he might've stopped if he had his full wits about him?

Of course, I'm no Doctor. My shortcomings in understanding science are well documented. Just ask my High School Biology teacher, Mrs. Young. So what the hell do I know about concussions? Plus, I've never met Troy Polamalu. Never talked to him. Never apprised myself of his medical history, beyond his history of concussions, that is. So I don't know HIM either. It's entirely possible that this whole point is moot. But it's certainly something to think about.

Also, as far as I understand it, concussions can put the kibosh on any kind of career longevity real quick. Wouldn't he rather not risk it for one game that may not even mean anything when it's all said and done? I know what you're going to say - every game means something. Ok, sure. I think that too. But not when you're talking about my future livelihood. I don't know. I just keep thinking - any way you slice it, the man has got some gigantic cojones.

That all said, I love Troy Polamalu. I love watching him hurdle offensive lineman, make circus catches for interceptions, and absolutely murder opponents. There are only a few other players I love watching as much as Troy Polamalu. I'd probably watch Troy Polamalu attack a Primanti Brothers sandwich if you put that shit on TV. And listen, who am I to question Troy Polamalu? Over the summer, people were wondering - what the hell is Troy doing out in Southern California with Todd Marinovich's Dad? Not me. If Troy wants to do some crazy workout routine with the father of a former 1st round bust, hey, that's just like, his opinion, man. He's Troy Polamalu. So if Troy wants to play after a concussion, ok. I mean, he obviously knows a thing or SEVEN about it.

But let's talk about this...For the sake of conversation, if Anthony Smith were to play in Troy's place for some reason, do you think we would get...

A. Anthony Smith, The Sandman


B. Anthony Smith, The Prophet

What say you?

Oh, and by the way - I found it rather disturbing that when I searched "Troy Polamalu" on Google images, I got an inordinate amount of pictures of Sanjaya from American Idol. Somebody call Al Gore. The internets are broken.


Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

The thought of Anthony Smith playing in place of Troy is frightening. I forgot Smith was even on the team.

Just a hunch, but I have a nagging feeling that if Troy sustains a couple more concussions, Mrs. Troy Polamalu may begin to have something to say.

tecmo said...

Mmmmm Theodora Polamalu is hot.

Anonymous said...

I hope they aren't rushing him on the field. I'd rather him sit and get better.

However, huge game & I believe if he has been checked and cleared - he should be good to go.

Fanzak.com said...

Steelers fans rank in top 5 in professional sports


domski43 said...

if he is cleared after multiple medical tests, play him.

although its nice to know that the steelers have experienced backups in both Anthony Smith and Tyrone Carter.

Although smith has run his mouth in the past, and blew a few coverages the steelers staff would not keep him around if they didnt feel that he could play the safety position. Players get better as they gain more experience, so for me, the jury is still out on Mr. Anthony Smith

getfreshdesigns said...

Won't Tyrone get the start if Troy is out?

I love the Sandman image though, cracks me up.

Cotter said...

Yes, but that's not as fun of an exercise. I was asking about Anthony Smith to get everyone's perception of him.

getfreshdesigns said...

well, he's a young guy, sometimes they say stupid things and have to learn. It's when they continue that behavior as they get older that it is time to distance yourself from them and I think he's learned a lesson from last year and I wouldn't mind seeing him in there if Clark wasn't doing such a great job.

Anonymous said...

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