October 22, 2008

AFC North Headline Of The Day...

Well, you know what they say about loose lips - "they sink ships." Of course, I don't think the Browns have to worry about that much. Their ship sank a few weeks ago (if not quite a few years ago).

I kid, I kid...sort of.

See, the thing about this is - I'm not sure why Kellen Winslow feels it's so important that Phil Savage call him when he's in the hospital. Would Kellen Winslow have called Phil Savage if roles were reversed? Doubtful.

Sounds like the Browns got themselves a bona fide diva, ala Chad Ocho Cinco, T.O. and Plexiglass Burress.

Hey Kellen, guess what? YOU'RE ALWAYS HURT OR SICK! Here's a tip - PLAY A FULL 16 GAME SEASON AND THEN MAYBE PEOPLE WILL CARE MORE ABOUT YOU BEING SICK AND/OR HURT! Jesus, dude. It's your 5th year in the league and you've only made it through two of them without breaking a nail hurting yourself in one way or another. Two out of five ain't bad? Uh, no. That'd be two out of three. Two out of five is, in fact, bad. Get your shit together, you sloppy mess.

But you know what? As far as I'm concerned, he can absolutely keep making comments like this. It gives me something to write about on a Wednesday afternoon. So thank you, Kellen. Your contribution to today's headline of the day may have already outweighed your contribution to the Browns franchise over the duration of your young career.

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domski43 said...

staph infections dude. not cool either.

Cotter said...

What I wanna know is - what the hell is causing these 8,000 staph infections that Cleveland's had over the last couple of years? Is Phil Savage spraying the showers with that bacteria or something?