August 29, 2008

AFC North Headline of the Day...

Two. Two pieces of good news in one. Err...two subpar QBs in one, more like it.

Gosh, Ravens Nation (that just doesn't sound right) must be all abuzz with the arrival of Casey Bramlet. Six teams in four professional years (seven if you count the Hamburg Sea Devils of the now defunct NFL Europe)? Wow, I mean that's impressive. Plus, he was in the National Honor Society in High School. That should serve him well in the face of Silverback and The InTimmonator.



Anonymous said...

Ravens: 0-15-1

Remember- you read it first here, folks.

Anonymous said...

Jeebus! Why didn't anybody email me yesterday?

For the record: i'm a pre-season retard. I barely know what year it is, let alone day of the week. For the sake of future continuity, somebody PLEASE email me on gamedays? I really want to do my play-by-play. It makes me feel needed.

my email is therealtobiathan at gmail dot com.

can anybody else believe "tobiathan" wasn't available on gmail? there's actually an imposter tobiathan out there. He better hope i don't find him...fucker.