August 28, 2008

Meeting People Is Easy...

Holy blog-star studded Meeting People Is Easy, Batman! We've got muchos more participants this week than ever before...because I overbooked. But hey, the more the merrier. At least that's what Phil Savage said about no talent free agent signings this offseason.

Anyways, since it took me damn near three and a half hours to do the visual work on this, I'm gonna keep my commentary here to a minimum.

This weeks ESTEEMED panel is...

Vitals - 6'2", 6'6" with the afro
Credentials - Kissing Suzy Kolber, DC Steeler Nation, and former at Some small time Newspaper in D.C. (which I will not link to in protest)
Recent Achievements - Added new contributor on DC Steeler Nation

Turn-Ons - Candlelit dinners on the beach...and baseball cards
Credentials - Hugging Harold Reynolds, Gem Mint Ten
Words to Live By - "Let's Hug It Out, Bitch"

Favorite Snack - Grubs, and boogers
Credentials - Deuce of Davenport
Positive Contribution to Society - Advocating for cheerleaders in baseball

Beach of Choice - Ocean City(?)
Credentials - Dug E. Fresh's Rants, Get Fresh Designs
Current Whereabouts - Amish Country, PA

Misguided Affiliation - Indianapolis Colts
Credentials - EDSBS, Contributer at Yahoo's College Football blog, Snarktastic, former at Ladies..., and friend of TSW
Drug of Choice - Obviously Crystal Meth (see "Misguided Affiliation")

Fantasy Football? - None, thanks
Credentials - Joey Porter's Pit Bulls
Olympic Reflections - Kashmir would have been too explosive for the closing ceremonies

His Ultimate Downfall - Jabbing Cotter on Meeting People Is Easy
Credentials - Avid OFTOT'r...and Licensed to Ill
Projected Fantasy Points - 7 (total...for the season)

Weaponry of Choice - Tactical folding knives, industrial tanks, Rollerblades
Credentials - Avid OFTOT'r and live blogger
Sports Hero - Rich Rodriguez

Gameday Jersey Choice - Hines Ward #86 Home Jersey
Credentials - PSAMP, and recipient of this summer's coveted "not drinking" award
Latest Hair-Brained Scheme - Agitate Peter King

Needs Improvement - Bladder control on the NJ Turnpike
Credentials - Avid OFTOT'r, and way too much more than can be quantified, being Cotter's hetero life mate...
Over/Under on Drop/Add Fantasy Transactions - 592

Guilty Pleasure - Mojitos...and Hillary Duff
Credentials - OFTOT, The Dude Abides, Rockstarforhire
Voted in High School - Least likely to grow facial hair

But enough about me, let's talk about you this weeks answers. As usual, if anything is blurry or illegible, get a magnifying glass click below to enlarge...I highly recommend it...

Feel free to also give us your answers in the comments...

/I'm just gonna go over here and get this beer bong ready...three day weekend, deviants.


Holly said...

Oh, Favre is totally Jem, but with terrible skin. I withdraw my Baroness comment.

Cotter said...

Yeah, you know, I figured because he likes being the center of attention and everything. Plus, it'd be pretty funny to picture him with pink hair.

tecmo said...

I never watched Jem.

/child of the 80s
//had two older sisters
///is lying through teeth about not watching Jem

The Immortal Silky Johnson said...

Wow, this was a star studded event in the blogosphere!

After six or so beers I'll go apeshit over "Blind" by Korn

Beer Bong for the lady?

Anonymous said...

Good MPIE this week. Nice-n-big: just like Domski likes 'em! (Shut up! I do not either...)

Did i mention that we shoulda taken that Schmitt kid? And Cotter: why did you have to pick the most "short bus" version of Owen's pic EVAR? You trying to say something about my attractivehoodidnessityism?

Anonymous said...

You know, i'm sorry it took me so long to think of this, but Cotter's "Duece of Davenport" inspired me to realize we should have dubbed Najeh:

"The DOOK of Davenport"...

As usual- a day late and a dollar short to the tranny hooker on the corner that is OFTOT..