May 28, 2009

Billy Shakespeare Said It Best...

By now you've probably caught wind of the latest garbage over at EPSN that's sweeping Steeler nation - this debate between some guy named James Walker (who?) and Len Pasquarelli.

It seems much umbrage, or I guess some umbrage at least, stems from the fact that Pasquarelli said he thinks the Pats are the #1 team in the league, over the Steelers (who he placed at #9 because he thinks the Pats defense is better than the Steelers defense).

Now, putting aside the obvious flaw in Pasquarelli's logic, I guess we first have to keep in mind that it's still the offseason. News is at a premium. So as a "respectable" sports news outlet, ESPN has to do what it has to do to keep the minds of the football-loving masses (and I guess Pats fans too) stimulated.

But also, frankly guys, let's be honest - who really cares?

1. It wouldn't be an "entertaining" column if everyone agreed.

2. It's ESPN.

3. Let this shit be decided on the field.

4. You can't really argue with six Lombardi trophies in the 1st place.

5. It's May.

6. It's ESPN.

7. Any way you slice it, everyone can admit that the Steelers are at or near the top of the list.

8. Pasquarelli was the only dissenter who put the Steelers any lower than #1.

9. He seriously has the Carolina Panthers ranked 3rd.

10. The first paragraph of the piece reads...

"When it comes to NFL dominance and consistency, few teams rival the New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers. With five Super Bowl titles between them since 2000, they're the two contenders for the mythical title of "Team of the Decade."
I think that in and of itself is pretty flattering for the Steelers.

So why all the animosity?

We all know the Steelers are a great team. Period.

And listen, the Pats, as much as it pains me like a kick in the balls to say, are still a pretty good team too; especially with Brady coming back.

So I don't really think we should take this as all that disrespectful.

It's certainly not as disrespectful as Peter King continually picking Carson Palmer over Big Ben in his list of top QBs. Nor is it as disrespectful as Ray Lewis' continued existence on this Earth.

Besides, we all know the Bengals are the team to beat this year anyhow.

So let's all just take a deep breath, visualize the Pens abusing Chris Osgood like he's Cam Ward, and then calm ourselves by watching this episode of Yinz Luv Da 'Guins...

And look at it this way - tomorrow's Friday.

You really can't be mad about that.

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Anonymous said...

Never trust a guy with that horrible of a combover. It makes Donald Trump's look in style. Whenever Pasquarelli comes on TV, I always change the channel out of fright.

Who's that dude NE QB is about to slobber down?

Grumpy said...

Let's see if I understand Len's argument. Lousy secondary, questions about qb's knee, no playoffs last year. Obviously #1. And the Super Bowl Champs slip to #9 in just 3 months.

random asshole said...

People actually care what some asshole thinks? Then I should start a blog, too.

Alternatively, to make a real argument, didn't the Giants go from Super Bowl champs to barely top 10 in most of the rankings last year? The fact that there's only "one" person's ranking that the Steelers this low means everyone thinks the Steelers are pretty goood.

More alternatively, they're just fucking rankings. Who. The. Hell. Cares? I agree with Cotter, and that's something I try not to say ever.

Cotter said...

izz ~ That'd be Junior Say-Ow. The man love is sickening. Kind of like Pasquarelli's comb-over. That's one for the ages!

grumpy ~ Yeah, I mean everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion, I suppose. But when the guy's logic is along those lines, you can't really take him seriously. Whatevs.

dr. asshole ~ You had me at "fucking rankings."

PS - Thank you guys so much for sticking by OFTOT through the offseason! I know it's a long slog, but I firmly believe that together, we can make it. I love you all.

And thus concludes the Oprah moment of the day.


- C