May 21, 2009

Headline of the Day...

Hot Off The Presses: Brett Keisel loves his job.

Good to know that the train of relevant Steelers news keeps on rollin'.

Yeah, I got nothing...

So, photoshop, woooooooooooo!

Abbreviated post, abbreviated link dump...

THE definitive 2009 Pens playoff tribute video [PSaMP]

Seriously, who cares if Silverback goes to the White House or not? Let's just move past it... [Grumpy Old Dog]

Because I really care what Jon Stewart thinks about James Harrison not meeting Obama... [Comedy Central]

Josh Cribbs not feeling the love from Cleveland... [Plain Dealer]

Carson Palmer is giving Tom Brady advice [Sporting News]

But yet, he's also got some choice words for Chad Johnson [ESPN]

Asian Pete Rose...hahahahahaha [Hugging Harold Reynolds]

Pay careful attention to the pic at the end...what a study! [Cheese People]

Shero's visualizing a win...

Go Pens.

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tiny350Z said...

Nice photoshop. It was worth waiting for! Go Pens!

big TC said...