May 19, 2009

Headline of the Day...

Ding dong, the witch is dead.

And also, Tony Kornheiser is finally out as 1/3 of the Monday Night Football commentating extravaganza.

Now, I'm a PTI fan. The entertainment value of watching Kornheiser and Wilbon bicker, for me, soars high above such other TV gems like "Tool Academy," and "Party of Five." But sadly, I think Kornheiser's short stint in the booth proves that his only entertainment value lies in his disagreeable nature.

Which is to say that I was among what I perceive to be the majority of level-headed football fans who wanted to punch themselves in the scrotum every time they heard TK's voice.

So now the crack team in the booth consists of Mike Tirico, Ron Jaworski and Kornheiser's replacement, Jon Gruden.

While they're a far cry from the Al Michaels, Frank Gifford, Dan Dierdorf of the early 90's, I DO feel like these three are infinitely less likely to make me mute the television and listen to the Macarena on repeat rather than expose my ears to their obnoxious penchant for disagreeing with [insert whoever is talking that is not Tony Kornheiser here].

Although, Gruden isn't exactly the least opinionated human on the planet. So perhaps I'm wrong...

Ask me if I really care.

Actually, you know who Tony Kornheiser kind of reminds me of? Bob Smizik.

Am I wrong?

Anyways, these links are here to stay because, unlike Tony Kornheiser, they're not afraid of flying (PS - I dare you to find me a more laughable excuse)...

We all knew Ovechkin wouldn't get suspended for his shenanigans, but will Matt Cooke fall victim to Bettman's double standards? [PSaMP]

Hines, Ben, Max Starks, Merrill Hoge and Rocky Bleier played golf for charity. They're such givers... [WPXI]

Silverback's White House boycott is just another link in the chain of civil disobedience in sports.../see: satire [The "We Hate The New England Patriots" San Diego Sports Fan Collective]

Big Ben gave the Cambridge Springs PD's K9 unit a boost...but was that really even necessary? [Staal Tactics]

Can someone explain to me why Ed Rendell was judging the "Why I love the Pittsburgh Steelers" essay contest? Last time I checked, the Gov was an Eagles fan...has that changed recently? [PRLog]

Stefan Logan may be short in stature, but he's tall on perseverance... [Trib]

The Ravens are the new Browns...well, technically they're the old Browns, but they ARE our biggest rivals and apparently we're the other 1/2 of the biggest rivalry in the league [Sporting News]

On the list of Top 5 Clutch QBs, MJD's got Ben ranked #2 behind Tom Brady...and Donovan McNabb made the list at #5. I guess he missed Super Bowl XXIX... [Shutdown Corner]

The Saints, who you'll remember dumped Deuce McAllister (pun intended) earlier this offseason are now considering signing Edgerrin James. Uh, downgrade. [AP]

The NFL and Comcast have kissed and made up. Unfortunately, I don't have Comcast. So this news makes me bitter and spiteful. Which is to say - business as usual [ESPN]

Pens win, Pens fan shows Canes Coach a different kind of flightless bird [The Pensblog]

I missed this on Friday, but Sean has graciously recapped the story lines relevant to the Pens-Canes series [Sean's Ramblings]

Brian Engblom looks hot with a can of Pringles on his head [You Lay On The Ice Like A Broad!]

This may confirm that Hannah Storm is a Seinfeld fan. So, you know, now you know...? [Moondog Sports]

R.I.P., Dug E Fresh Rants. But the Get Fresh Designs blog rises from the ashes [Get Fresh Designs]

I'm not even sure what this is satirizing, but I'll be damned if that picture of Rip Taylor isn't the perfect visual complement to this fake news [Carbolic Smoke Ball]

Listen, just because you don't have a job anymore doesn't mean your dick has to be flacid...bravo, Pfizer. Well played... [Grumpy Old Dog]

Submit your "Best Song to Fall Asleep to" to Sheena Beaston by Friday at 5 [Sheena Beaston]

Apparently I'm still posting on my other blog...this is where the REAL magic happens [The Dude Abides]

Sorry, no pretty pictures today. Tuesday feels like Monday.

You know what to do.

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random asshole said...

Kornheiser: Better than Bryant Gumbel.

If that's not the biggest non-compliment a sports broadcaster can receive, then I don't know what is.

Get Fresh Designs said...

sweet, thanks for the link.

hopefully with gruden in there they will actually announce what's going on in the game, instead of what's going on in pop culture.

Grumpy said...

Thanks for the link. One day your fans will cause me to crash.

Two thoughts about MNF. I love Mr. Tony, but he's best on radio and, as you say, bickering with Wilbon. And Gruden won't criticize anyone because he wants to coach again.

tecmo said...

Thanks for the plug, man.

About my link...some idiot decided to use the comments section to spew traditional, anti-Pittsburgh cliches.

The one good thing about being an admin of your own site...being able to get mister anonymous' email address and sending a biting, crushing email his way.

Cotter said...

The superior spelling and grammar skills employed in that comment indicate that the commenter's opinion should really matter...

tecmo said...

Another perk of running your own site...being able to ban idiot commenters based on ip addresses.

I'm about to ban you for no good reason, Cotter. So hard.

Cotter said...

Feel free.

I can not link to what I can not read.

Simple logic, really.