April 28, 2009

Warning: Delicate Genius At Work...

I'll get a post up at some point today, but you can't rush genius...er...whatever it is that I do here day in and day out.

So until then, I dare you not to laugh at this skit. I mean it. If you can get through the whole thing without cracking a smile, you are not human. You also probably have no sense of humor. And in that case, I don't know what you're doing here in the 1st place.

Me? I like to replace the line where Will Ferrell says "keep in mind, you're a ____ing dog," with "keep in mind, you write a ____ing blog!"

You bloggers, remember I said that.

Good Tuesday mornin' to ya. Don't eff it up.

Oh yeah, and Ashley Lelie is visiting the Steelers. I'm kind of ok with that. But, do we have cap room for this sort of shenanigans? Only several men know. Ok, several thousand, but hey, I, for one, do not. Do with this what you will...


Vern said...

I think we do. Really, other than Hood, a lot of our draft picks aren't even going to count against the cap right now (only the top 52 will).

Lelie's a decent WR, I wouldn't be opposed at all if the price is right. I'd still much rather have Matt Jones, but whatevs.

Cotter said...

I would def take him. It's not like we'd be asking him to be a star. At least then Sweed might get more time to develop.

matt said...

great skit!

Lelie could be a difference maker & we could get him for cheap..