April 21, 2009

Headline of the Day...

It just wouldn't be the offseason if Mike Tomlin wasn't pursuing a kick returner, would it?

In 2007, it was the Allen Rossum experiment.

In 2008, it was Mewelde Moore.

In 2009, we thought it was that Stefan Logan dude from Canada (who it very well still may be).

But hold the phone on that one, because a rumor has surfaced that the Steelers are trying to get Roscoe Parrish off the Bills.

Now, I didn't really know how much stock to put in this so called "rumor," given that until this morning, the most reputable "source" I could have attributed it to was Examiner.com...which I, for one, have never heard of. But then Pro Football Talk addressed the issue. So now I feel like I can sleep at night knowing it wasn't a complete farce.

By the way, commenters over on Yahoo are clearly some of the most informed on the internets. Witness...

Must be an Eagles fan.

Anyways, even if this is true, the Steelers would more than likely have to send either players or picks to Buffalo. Because from what I've heard, they released Gary Russell because they're closer to the salary cap than Tara Reid is to giving $20 handjobs on Sunset Blvd [UPDATE: Disregard that whole thought...Russell was apparently cut because he likes the weed and unlike someone else we know (see video below), isn't the Super Bowl MVP].

But should this work out, I can't exactly say I'd be upset. I mean, let's face it, the Steelers special teams have sort of been a perennial joke, a few instances notwithstanding. Most recently, this one...

New rumor for you: Santonio hit the gravity bong before fielding that one. Pass it on.

And besides, either way, who am I to doubt anyone named, "Roscoe?"

In other news - I'm going to start basing all of my "analysis" on players' names. That can only lead to the most accurate observations...am I wrong?

Links in 3...2...1...GO!

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There are probably a shit ton of other great links out on the internets that I missed. But, what can I say? Wouldn't be the first time I let you down, right?

So um...hey guys, I'm alive (actual existence of "life" = debatable). What's up with your lives?

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Grumpy said...

So Russell likes the weed? Allegedly. So his being picked up by the Bengals makes sense.

Cotter said...

Totally. In fact, I heard he, Cedric Benson and Chris Henry already took Benson's boat out with a bunch of underage chicks and some choice cannabis. All aboard the FAIL Boat!

maticulous said...

8th place...climbing

thanks to those who voted!

tiny350Z said...

I am petrified by the flesh beard on Pratt.

Glad you're alive. It's nice to have you around and to have your links.

Noah said...

Pens WIN! I love watching that Holmes vid.. awesome.

Octomom trademark? cmon, she clearly wants other people to follow in her footsteps so they can pay her money to say that she is also octomom... crazy business world we live in.