April 2, 2009

AFC North Headline Of The Day...

Does anyone care about preseason?

Raise your hand if you think preseason games are any more exciting than 8th grade biology class (if biology is your thing, assume it's not).

Cardinals. Bills. Skins. Panthers.

No one of any importance will see significant time. No one of any importance SHOULD see significant time. Yeah, let's all get injured before the season even starts. Come on, guys.

Anyways, I know everyone's all fired up that TO is coming to Pittsburgh. At what point do you think it makes sense to start channeling our inner Eagles fan and throwing batteries at people? Just a question.

The Cardinals? Cool. Whatever. Win the preseason game. I don't give a shit. We won the SUPER BOWL. Rematch? Hardly. Whisenhunt fail.

Skins? We WOULD play the Skins in DC for preseason. Whatever. I like your monument.

Carolina? I heard Julius Peppers is unhappy. Sounds like a problem. I suggest you address it. Preseason? Are we talking about PRESEASON?!?!

I'm done on this issue.

By the way, I would've written about Jay Cutler, but I think I've covered that shit show more than enough. I'm over it. Trade him. I don't care. Send his ass to Canada. Eff it.

Oh, and this one needed a visual aid...

It wasn't for money. Nor for drugs. Nor for liquor. But for $500 worth of cigarettes. Good work, man. Too bad you can't steal chemotherapy. 'Cause you may need that later. And also, "anyone with info" means anyone who knows where the police can get some of those Steelers gloves. Just wanted to clarify that.

Links > preseason...

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Thursdays are my hell. Class 'til 8. WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

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Grumpy said...

Man, when you take a day off I go through withdrawal. As always, thanks for the pub.

Get Fresh Designs said...

Preseason if vital to NFL teams to evaluate talent, how these guys play in game time situations. How the interpret the playbook, interact with the coaching staff and so on.

I never remember the preseason getting so much attention (tv time) like it has in the past few years. I watch just to learn who the noobs are.

A few years back Anthony Madison made huge mistakes in his first preseason game. I thought for sure he was cut, nope, still on the team today and contributing. If you limit the preseason to just 2 games and keep the roster size the same, teams will not keep the right guys and when someone goes down and the plug the guy who looked good on one series in preseason and he's terrible, then what?

The NFL has to establish a 32 team minor league system before they can think about cutting the preseason. Unfortunately this will never happen and we'll see our beloved sport go into the toilet because of it.

I should copy this for a blog post.

tecmo said...

I like the minor league idea, but you're right in that it will never work. The NFL uses NCAA football as a free minor league system...they have no real incentive to start paying guys to play in a buffer between college and the NFL. Hell, practice squad is as close as they're ever gonna get.

Get Fresh Designs said...

yeah and players rot on the practice squad and never have a chance to develop (I know some do, but that's a small percentage).

I like their system as is, but hey let's expand the games played so we can play more games in Europe!!

domski43 said...

The only thing i like about the preseason is that it means the regular season is almost here.

I just hold my breath the whole time the starters are in because I dont want anyone to get injured.

tecmo said...

Yeah, a few years ago we had this real short receiver with dreds who was looking like he would make the team and ended up breaking his leg (I think) in the preseason. I was high on the guy, but never heard anything from him again. Sucked.

Cotter said...

grumpy ~ Anytime! And trust me, I feel the same way when I don't post. This blog, man.

doug ~ Of course it's vital. I'm just saying it's boring as hell.

tec ~ Do you have a friend named, "Drugs?"

domski ~ Ditto, man. What would Brady Quinn do?

tecmo said...

zamir cobb. that was his name