March 12, 2009

Who The [Redacted] Is Ray McDonald?

The Las Vegas tourism commission should just start depositing money right into the Steelers bank account. Because the amount of exposure that desert oasis has been getting for Steelers players getting crunk round those parts is criminal (please ignore the improper use of that joke, thanks).

But that's not really what's important here.

What is important, is that someone should probably send a memo to Vegas Deluxe (whatever the hell that is), and let them know that the half Asian, half Black man you see on the right here is not Ray McDonald, but in fact, it is Hines Ward - Super Bowl XL MVP and the Steelers all-time leading receiver.

That's a pretty easy mistake to make, though. I mean Hines looks like an Irish guy named "Ray," doesn't he?

Two other things to say about this mess...

1. No idea why, but Peter Gallagher's unibrow was in attendance, and
2. This was a "Night of Champions," including The Bus, for whom the DJ, who I guess thought he was real cute, played "The Wheels on The Bus"

Anyways, there are some other pictures of the dudes partying it up at Tryst recently (too lazy to read about when) over here, if you care. I really don't. Frankly, I'm somewhat ashamed of myself for dedicating an entire post to this. What a waste.

Then again, the same could be said for this entire joke of a blog.

My kingdom for a cold beer right now. Or several horse tranquilizers. It feels like there's a civil war going on in my brain, and shockingly, my tolerance for pain is losing.


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Grumpy said...

Takeo Spikes is still playing? Who wouldn't want to hang with A.J. Feeley?

domski43 said...

at least hines isnt crying in that picture and santonio is wearing pants....i think.