March 20, 2009

Holy Shit, Is This...A Post?

Nope. Joke's on you. It's just a bunch of ridiculous images you all sent me.

I take no responsibility for any of these. I just post them.

And the identities of those who submitted them have been withheld to protect the mildly disturbed.


Brian Billick - What's up with his life?

Courtesy of this site

I didn't know Bald Bull and Chyna had a kid?

Come on, you guys. Can't we talk about this over tea?


And you thought rape could never be funny. Leave it to the internets.

Aw...and still a Random Asshole after all these years.

I dabbled in pacifism, myself. Not in 'nam, of course.


See, this guy's got it right. That dude above needs to wise the hell up. That was piss, man.


Seatbelts save lives...

This one is from Domski's personal collection...

I don't get it. Where's the joke?

Also, check this shit out...

Corey Ivy to the Browns

Former Eagle buys drugs. Guess where he learned that.

Tiny sent this to me. It's about sex toys. Should I be worried?

This bears repeating...

Because...I'm headed to Delaware this weekend, folks.

I'll bring you all back some tax free tchochkes (no, I won't).

Stay Amish. I'll see y'all later on-ish.

I wasn't kidding about the Delaware part. Go Blue Hens!

Joe Flacco = FAIL.

And frankly, I would've gone with this, soundtrack wise (earmuff the kids)...

God, now I'm going to be singing it all day. Thanks a lot, Delaware.

PS - We should definitely start a mosh pit at some point.

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Grumpy said...

Sue Michigan for stealing those helmets.

tiny350Z said...

Btw... I do NOT live in Maryland... I am a Virginia resident.

Just in case anyone was wondering...

domski43 said...

Robert Morris final four....i'm feeling it.

big TC said...

woooooo! RMU!!