March 16, 2009

AFC North Headline Of The Day...

Playing around on the internet is fun. I do it. You do it. And if we do it too much, it could make us blind (PS - this is probably not true).

So in that sense, I guess it's kind of like masturbation.

But as fun as it is to screw around on these here interwebs, some days that just doesn't play well with my schedule. Like pretty much everyday of my life, but today especially.

So here's your headline followed by a list of something. Hopefully this will suffice.

What am I saying, hopefully?

This will HAVE to suffice.

So Denver, let's take a step back for a second and look at the state of your football team.

Last season, you really defecated all over your sheets when it mattered most - letting the Chargers pound you like Michael Vick in a maximum security prison in a game that could have sent you to the playoffs, had you won.

But it wasn't like we couldn't have seen that coming. I mean, it's pretty tough to go anywhere when your defense gives up 28 points per GAME (only Seattle, Detroit and KC gave up more, by the way). Frankly, I think you're lucky to have even won eight games with THAT black eye on your resume.

Maybe if you played in a conference that didn't feature two of the biggest jokes in the NFL (three if you count Philip Rivers), you might have even gone 4-12.

Not important. What happened, happened.

As a result - or maybe it was a long time coming, I can't tell because I don't care - you fired legendary, Super Bowl winning Coach, Mike Shanahan.

Then, you hired the highly-fellated, but largely unproven (at least as a Head Coach) Josh McDaniels out from underneath the Empire and Dark Lord Belichick.

Now, conversely, one of the only guys I saw in a Broncos uniform last season who gave a shit wants out.

All things considered, I'd say say the Broncos have about as good of a shot at making lemonade out of these lemons as I do of one day growing anything you could accurately describe as facial hair.

Check it out, though. In just three short seasons, Cutler has already thoroughly proven everyone right who compared him to Brett Favre. Even when it comes to communicating with the front office...ish.

Now, as Steelers fans, I suppose all we can do is wait and see if all the Brady Quinn/Shaun Rogers to Denver rumors come true.


I'm done here.

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Grumpy said...

I wouldn't mind Holt in Black & Gold. Until Sweed proves he can do it. Or can't.

Get Fresh Designs said...

Let's give Sweed a chance, he got very little playing time last season, and I think if he gets more time with the 1st team offense he'll do great. If not, they can surely pick someone up during the season.

I'm still in disbelief that Denver would even do something like that to Cutler, he may be making a bigger issue out of it, but can't blame the guy, I'd be pissed too. Like he's not performing at his position.

domski43 said...

get fresh - i agree with you on both points. Although sweed had some drops (one big drop), he was wide open, which is a positive as he moves forward. He was an awesome receiver @ Texas and has the ability to catch the ball or he wouldnt have been drafted (or a receiver for that matter).

Jay Cutler has every right to be upset. Like Cotter said, he carried the whole team. Not only did the Broncos have a terrible defense, but they had ZERO running game. They had to pick people up off the street towards the end of the year after their first 10 running backs ended up on the IR.

go pens

tecmo said...

i'll echo that...

go pens

Cotter said...

Can't really talk now but I'll throw out a "go pens."

tecmo said...

I'll scream it.


Noah said...

I'll continue the GO PENS! 5th seed man! A far cry from what we were before!

If Cutler were to go, who would want him? Every team has a great QB that would lead their team to victory, especially the Lions, Chiefs (Cassell will flop), Vikings, Jets, Raiders, Seattle, 49ers, and Bears....

Cotter said...

My dream would be that he goes to the Eagles.

Imagine that situation...

domski43 said...

the eagles would be a good fit for cutler. plus they have 356 draft picks this year to work a trade.

just cant imagine mcnabb in a broncos jersey. I do know that mcnabb would love to throw to brandon marshall and co.

og snep!

Cotter said...

I don't need to talk logistics.

I'd just laugh my ass off.

That's all I meant.

Vern said...

You can sign another WR without giving up on Sweed. However, I don't think it's Holt...he's 3 years younger than TO. He won't come cheap.

I think the guy to get is Matt Jones.

Cotter said...

Dude, that's the last thing Jeff Reed needs is a coke head hanging around. The guy does have a rockin' mustache, though.