March 10, 2009

AFC North Headline Of The Day...

Hank Poteat. What's not to like about this guy?

Me, personally, I'm a big fan of his last name, first and foremost. It just makes me giggle like a school girl every time I say it. Beyond that, he's also a PA product (Harrisburg) and a former Pitt Panther. Which makes it really difficult to say the things I'm about to say...

Come on, let's not kid ourselves, here. The Steelers felt he was an expendable commodity at 25. So I'd sure as hell imagine that he's an expendable commodity at 31.

That is, unless you're the Cleveland Browns, who have approximately zero Corners on their roster worth anything more than a bag of balls. Well, alright. Eric Wright, I guess. But close enough.

Not that Hank Poteat is worth much more than a bag of balls. Maybe a bag of balls, a kicking tee and a sweaty practice towel? I don't know. Not important.

Anyways, the Mangina [sic] express indeed rolls on with this latest marquee free agent signing.

It just makes you wonder - if these are the kind of offseason decisions the Browns are making, what was the point of firing Phil Savage and Romeo Crennel?

I mean, hell, those two could've done this blindfolded.


One way or another, you know what this means...


By the way, check this out...

I didn't know the Pirates signed Hines? Weird. But, honestly, could it really hurt them at this point if they did?

These links > Hank Poteat's entire career...

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Apparently some model's plastic surgeon spilled acid on her while the two were having sex in the surgeon's office. Damn, how many things can be wrong with one story line? [New York Daily News]

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And lastly, while awesome, I'm pretty sure whoever's responsible for this has WAY too much time on their hands...

That's all for now. Keep it real in the City of Steel, kids.

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tiny350Z said...

That was insane. The cats are hilarious. I was left completely mesmerized.

random asshole said...

I'd consider going to a Pirates game if Ward was playing. I'd definitely go to a Pirates game if Hines got in one of the pierogie suits and raced against those bastards in sausage suits.

Get Fresh Designs said...

That was my elementary school, I have cousins and a nephew that go there. I was surrounded by guns growing up, but I had the fear of my father instilled in me if I ever touched those guns. Plus he had a lock on them.

Parenting Fail.

Noah said...

I love mario paint.