February 19, 2009

AFC North Headline Of The Day...

This should never ever show up in my Google Reader again. Something is clearly broken. Do I look like I want to read about a Kicker and a Punter's good fortune? Hell no!

In fact, out of all the positions on a football team, those two might hurt the worst. Because who couldn't kick a ball well if they really wanted to? Come on, you know all it would take is a little work. You don't need to be huge, you don't need to be fast. Hell, you don't need to be sober. Just ask Jeff Reed.

Anyways, good for these two, I guess. At the rate I'm going, I'll be lucky to make my first million by the time I'm 20 years in the grave. So multiple millions for multiple years sounds pretty cool. Just don't go blow it all on some fancy record player.

Moving on...

You go, Derek Jeter...

Stand by your man...

Oh that Derek Jeter, he's so supportive!

Here's your daily dose of FAIL, courtesy of me.

#1 - Following Directions FAIL

#2 - Credibility FAIL

Yesterday's mystery has been solved...

This is what an H Cup would look like. I'm not even going to get into it.

And now, on drums, Thursday's LINKS!!!!....

Again, VOTE. FOR. OFTOT. Hard. [Sean's Ramblings]

This guy won a trip for writing an essay about why he loves the Steelers. And yet, I've been writing about why I love the Steelers for over two years and I'm still waiting for mine.. [Post-Gazette]

People in Michigan LOVE The Wood...Woodley, that is. What did you think I meant? [Saginaw News]

How are you gonna fine Santonio $10k NOW? [Steelers Depot]

This Cardinals fan couldn't care less about that... [Raising Zona]

Terrell Suggs' gums will still be eating his teeth in purple next season, as he's been franchised by the Ratbirds [Associated Press]

Chargers franchise Darren Sproles. Shocker. [Associated Press]

Albert Haynesworth's life, on the other hand, is hitting the free market [Associated Press]

John Harris compares Therrien to Cowher [Trib]

You had to know the chronic had something to do with Marshawn Lynch's arrest. Did you SEE the mug shot? [Associated Press]

Alex Kovalev - go extricate his ass from Canada [Steve Is Alive]

As Pirates season moves closer, it's good to have expectations...as long as they're realistic [WHYGAVS]

Griffey back to Seattle [ESPN]

Ok, so why did Chris Brown beat Rihanna, then? [You Lay On The Ice Like A Broad]

Ok, farbeit from me to make fun of someone for suing someone else, but come on...also, is your last name, "Boring?" If so, eek. [CNET]

Octuplet Mom faces foreclosure. I'm crying for her on the inside...NOT [CNN.com]

Theme of today's Riffs = Cover songs [Friday Morning Riffs]

Also, I've got a question. Why are those spelling bee kids always wearing shirts that are 10 sizes too large?

Is that like a rule? Not like it matters. They're still effing crazy one way or another. [h/t LJKC on this one]

In other news, I've decided to read less blogs. Is there anyone out there who DOESN'T have a blog? You know it's a sorry state of affairs when you actually start to agree with the MSM. There's a lot of trash out there on this world wide of web. I aim to take some of it out...of my life.

That is all at this time.

Cotter, out!

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