February 13, 2009

AFC North Headline Of The Day...

I guess this is a sign of the times?

Um, the fact that he's not Andy Reid?

Whatever, man. Don't look at me like that.

Ugh, it may be an ugly couple of months 'til this draft, kids. I'm trying. Really, I am.

These attempts at "headlines" may be weak but these links' pimp hand is strong...

Jeff Reed loves pogo balls and nachos. What a coincidence, so do I [PSaMP]

Long time Steelers blogger and OFTOT friend, Mike Frazer, got to shake Cowher's hand the other night. Mike, if we ever meet in person, I'd like to shake that hand [The Steel Tradition]

If any of you out there don't feel that Heath Miller is a fantastic TE, you oughta renounce your fandom right now [Behind The Steel Curtain]

Steelers sign 10 players to offseason roster. Most are familiar names, but there are a few new ones [Post-Gazette]

Tomlin to get a payday this offseason too? [Post-Gazette]

Rep. Mike Doyel introduces a resolution to Congress to honor the Steelers! [WPXI]

Master Fly W. Large interviewed on ESPN Radio [Sports Radio Interviews]

Oh, and Mitch Albom gets all high and mighty on bloggers...as if we care about the rules of journalism. Who does? [Sports Radio Interviews]

Plax wants a trade. I don't imagine the Giants will be too broken up about that [Associated Press]

Martin St. Louis to the Pens? [Puck Daddy]

I don't even have the words to do this post justice. Bravo, King Ing! [Sports Crackle Pop]

They're building a football field in City of Industry...football in LA is looking more and more like a reality by the day. I'm really not so sure that City of Industry is the place for a stadium, though... [Associated Press]

Man, I fear for my future child's virgin ears [Dug E Fresh Rants]

Sean's "25 Things" [Sean's Ramblings]

The creepiness of trenchcoats is uncanny [Cheese People]

Like I said on Twitter yesterday, this is the only time you'll ever hear me say I'm embarrassed that Snoop is a Steelers fan [The Superficial]

I could spend all day on the FAIL blog. Honestly [FAIL Blog]

Everybody's working for the weekend [Friday Morning Riffs]

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Now, if you didn't catch Joacquin Phoenix on Letterman Wednesday night, wow. Drugs are bad, mmmkay?

Finally, I do my best to scour these here internets everyday to provide a healthy dose of links for y'all. But I'm no Superman. If there are links you come across that you think everyone should know about, by all means, send that shit over to me. Your contributions will not go unnoticed. That is all at this time.


ladi_izz said...

Can Plax get a trade if he goes to prison? I know the D.A. wants to make an example out of him, so he might not have to worry about that.

If it weren't for The Soup and The Dish, I wouldn't even know who those two in pic with Snoop were.

Cotter said...

Maybe they can trade him from Riker's to Philadelphia Detention Center?

Seems like he'd fit right in there...