February 12, 2009

AFC North Headline Of The Day...

You know what they say - if it ain't broke don't fix it, right? I think I may be relying on that phrase just a little too heavily with today's "headline," but hey, in blogging, just as in life, sometimes you gotta take risks, man.

Or something.

Ok no, but seriously now, this is just unbelievable. So you see this nice little website here above, built for little miss ridiculous individual and her litter of 14 (which I hope to God was built for free by someone else FOR her)?

I just want to show you something.

Let's look a little closer, here...

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C


Like she's some charity case or something?

Oh, you paid to have multiple procedures to get yourself artificially inseminated, now you're using federal aid to pay your $800,000 hospital bills and you want me to give you money? Well, let me just bust out my checkbook now!


Honey, I think I already have contributed to your cause. As have all the rest of us. They're called Taxes.

Seriously, the fact that this website exists is an insult to America. Whoever's responsible for this nonsense better wise the eff up and pull it down. Shit is just wrong.

Whoa, that was really serious.

I think I need to get laid.

Well this crazy assbag may be soliciting us for some loot, but these links are here to give back to you...

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By the way, a big hat tip to Tiny as well for sending me the link to the "litter" photoshop. If you didn't click that link before, I strongly urge you to do so now.

And hilarity ensues...


Anonymous said...

The fact that this bitch (or someone on her behalf) has the audacity to beg for money, when like you said, had the cash to knock herself up with medical help and not the old-fashioned way, while people are losing their jobs and the economy is just crap in general... Oh my god, I can't even finish that sentence, she pisses me off so much.

For some reason, I have that Chris Rock bit stuck in my head. The one where he said he would never hit a woman, but he'd shake the hell out of her. I'm all for that. Someone should shake some sense into this hag, really, REALLY hard.

domski43 said...

cotter - we need to buy the rights to a reality show with this woman. you know someone is working on it as we speak. like it or not, people will watch!

big win by the pens last night. where has THAT jordan staal been all season?

tiny350Z said...

There's a "leave comments" part on that website. I wonder how many aren't letters of support.