January 28, 2009

Where Are You Watching The Game On Sunday?

So in case you missed it, in last week's Week In Review I wrote about how I'm not sure where I'm watching the game on Sunday. Not even that I'm not sure, but really just that I can't decide. And that got me thinking...I wonder what everyone else is doing?

That thought led me to send out a mass email to just about anyone who's ever participated in anything on or related to this blog, asking them simply - where are you watching the game this weekend?

Like I said in my email, at best, I thought maybe it would allow some of you who live in the same geographic area (and who maybe don’t even know it yet) to connect and watch the big game, and at worst, we’d all have something moderately entertaining to read.

Surprisingly, no one sent me any angry, "stop e-harassing me" rants back. Which was a bonus. And in fact, some people even answered my question!

So here's the first batch of responses below. I'm going to be putting up a post both tomorrow and Friday afternoon with a few other people's responses (in the order in which they were received by me). And if I missed you, or you've never participated in any OFTOT idiocy, but want to be part of this for whatever reason, just email me - onefortheotherthumb@gmail.com. Or chime in in the comments.

John Woods
I'll have to work. So, [I'll be watching] from my desk in The Times's newsroom, craning my neck to see the TV behind me.

COTTER NOTE: Like I told John, that's criminal!

Big Snack Silverback
I watched Super Bowl XL with 150 Steelers faithful at my local Steeler bar in Laguna Hills, CA. You would be shocked at how many fans there are out here...I see license plate frames, t-shirts, stickers, etc. almost on a daily basis. I contemplated watching the game there again, as I am a local there, and it is absolute pandemonium! If you have never watched a game at a Steeler bar and you are nowhere near the 'Burgh, I highly recommend it. At our particular joint we have people handing out beads, doing chants, screaming "Heath!" and "Hiiiiiiiiines Waaaaard!" when each makes plays. It really is the next best thing to watching a game. If you are in Southern California, visit Players Sports Grill in Laguna Hills. Just get there early, because the seats fill up fast.

That being said, I am actually going to watch the game at my friend's pad. He happens to be a big Steeler fan and has a 12-foot HD projector screen with 7.1 surround. Not bad. We are playing flag football, 11-on-11 at 9 AM, then heading back to BBQ.

Steeler nation is so in effect. I have 4 Jerseys, 7 towels, and 5 t-shirts, and I am donating them to the party for the day, just to make sure everyone is geared. I recently converted my fiancee,' who grew up in Denver as a Broncos fan. Seeing her screaming and jumping in the air watching Troy win the game last week was a thing of beauty...

On a final, completely unrelated note, a friend of mine made a Steeler's song that I told him I would pass along to the world...www.myspace.com/steelernationrise

I'll be watching the Superbowl in the South Side at my girlfriends place. She's having a little party, then if we win I'm going out on Carson to experience it. I took off the next day so that I don't have to worry about work.

We will be heading down to my sister-in-law and husband's house. He is a huge Steelers fan, like us (we got him a new Polamalu jersey for Christmas, and his parents got him the Gnome!) so we will watch it on their HD projector screen and surround sound. The picture quality will be a little better than say, our 20-inch tv we've got at home. The cats will just have to survive with a recap of the game.

Shawn P
I'll be watching the game at a friend's house here in NC. He's having all of his steeler friends over. I was going to make the drive to Tampa since I have some friends there, but, since I have no chance of getting a ticket, it's probably a waste of time. I'd much rather make the drive to Pittsburgh in that case.

And there you have it. Not much chance of joining their respective "parties" I guess, but maybe if you're in the Burgh and you're lucky, you'll see Marc swinging from the rafters over at Mario's after the game. Provided we win, of course. Otherwise you may see him tearing down street signs and getting tear gassed.

Anyways, I am doing my best to keep you (and ME) occupied here all week. Hopefully it has not all been in vain.

Oh, and PS - I'm watching the game at Domski's down in Delaware. Wilmington, Delaware to be exact. "A place to be somebody," or so says the sign at the edge of town. I guess by "somebody" they mean either a corporate lawyer or a corporation looking for the laxest tax laws possible. Or someone with the clap. Either way.

Slainte! I need a beer...


domski43 said...

marc - be careful daun there in the sauthside...after super bowl XL they had the police out there in full riot gear (both taunting the crowd and using their force) I hear the best party place after the Steelers game (if they win) is in Oakland @ Pitt.

Cotter said...

That's where WE should've gone. Man, wasn't I saying that weekend that I really wanted to burn a couch?

tiny350Z said...

We were in Oakland... it was great. Riot cops were there... but it wasn't violent in the least. They basically let the crowd celebrate. We flooded forbes ran up to the Cathedral... and then kinda did the "what now?".

Walked home to Shadyside... people were banging on pots and pans outside... some dood was playing a trumpet... Fun times.

Samantha said...

Well I'll be watching alone in a bar somewhere in Chicago. My boyfriend (Bears fan) will be busy playing an online role-playing game instead. I shit you not.

Cotter said...

tiny ~ Someone was playing a trumpet? Maybe we DID make it out to Pitt...?

Samantha ~ "Behold the sword of Urlacher!"...sorry, I just felt that needed to be said.

If it's Worlds of Warcraft, my condolences. A former co-worker of mine tried to get me into that shit. I had to veto it, hard. Frankly, my brain cannot understand that type of thing. But a lot of people seem to like it.

One year at our (me and Domski et al) fantasy draft, one of our friends and his brother were playing it while drafting. Fantasy AND Worlds of Warcraft...that's when you know you need new friends.

Either way, I hope whatever bar you go to is a blast!!!

Nate said...

Cotter - that's WORLD of Warcraft. One world, not plural. You don't even know. Your mana must be low. I'll drop you a Band of Wholesome Preservation and buff your INT +20, Critical Strike +20 and restore 7 mana per 5 sec.


I'll be watching the game next door at the band's apartment. There are plenty of Steelers bars around here (North Hollywood), but going to those places is like being in public on New Year's Eve -- amateur hour. Besides, we've been rolling like that for a while, now, so we don't want to upset the karma basket.

random asshole said...

It's looking increasingly likely that my answer is "party at random asshole's place."

Then again, it's not like there's some great bar worth going to in Ithaca, NY.

thetackle said...

ill be watching it at 10:30 monday morning. taking the morning off to hunch in front of my laptop watching a livestream of the game down under in melbourne, australia

Sean said...

Random - Is Benchwarmers in Ithaca still around? Unless they added TVs over the past, um, 10 years, I don't think Moonshadows is a good place to watch the game.

random asshole said...

Yay, Ithaca discussion!

Sean: Yeah, Benchwarmers is still around. That and Uncle Joe's (formerly Ithaca Sports Club, or something similar) will probably be packed, being the only actual sports bars around. Moonshadows is irrelevant, not only because of their lack of televisions, but because of the fact that I've been boycotting that place for almost a year and plan on continuing that until I leave.

domski43 said...

Whats everyone drinking during the game?

Cotter said...

I wouldn't even worry about answering that question, because I know you won't be drinking anyway.

domski43 said...

chimay all night. maybe a smooth transition into some brooklyn brown.

i'll take pics of cotter cleaning up the throwup in my bathroom.


Marc said...

Yuengling Light Lager, IC Light

Cotter said...

Good thing I'm elusive like Bigfoot. I cannot be photographed.

/do you want me to go there?

Nate said...

Yuengling, scotch & ginger ale, then just scotch. Mmmmm scotch...

domski43 said...

cotter will be drinking shirley temples during the game.

note to self: buy wine spritzers just in case cotter decides to drink

Cotter said...

Zima, you clueless bitch.

Samantha said...

No, I think it might actually be more obscure and nerdier than World of Warcraft. (Are you sure it's singular? That sounds odd)

Either way, I'm glad someone understands me. I don't know that I'd care to be friends with people would rather do some LARPing instead of watching the Superbowl. At least my boyfriend recognizes the conflict!

I'll be at a dive bar next to a bunch of drunk old men, drinking whiskey and ginger ale.