January 27, 2009

Suits and Strip Clubs, Strip Clubs and Suits...

Da scrip club, as it's known in Pac Man Jones' hood. I challenge you to find one major city in America that doesn't have one. And well, Tampa may not be a major American hub of commerce, per se, but they've sure got them some scrip clubs.

43, to be exact. Yeah, you read that correctly. FORTY. THREE. Which leads me to the conclusion that Jeff Reed's going to need two chaperons this week. Let's get someone like Larry Zierling on that. Thanks.

This particular scrip club right here was apparently voted Best Nude Club...AGAIN. Implying that this isn't the first time in the last two years that it's been voted Best Nude Club. Boy, with credentials like that, I bet this would even be Best of Delaware, right Domski? Plus, afterwards, you know, if you're hungry or something, you can totally hit that Sonic drive through next door. Always know where your fast food establishments are after 2 AM, kids (See Cotter's Rules for Survival, 2nd Edition).

Anyways, the Cardinals arrived all business yesterday...

Just look at those suits. Man, they must have a team fashion consultant or something. Snazzyblogcity.

Kurt Warner. Fantastic pink tie you've got there. Ben Affleck and every fruitcup on the Style network would be proud of you.

Now THAT luggage I know is Louis Vuitton.

Which got me thinking, everyone underestimates the value of Kurt Warner's experience. Well, maybe not everyone. I'm sure there are a few people out there who value him at normal levels. But I think most of us think - he's old, he hasn't really won since the Rams, blah blah, [reasons to make us think Kurt Warner is worse than he actually is].

Maybe that's just me, but either way, the thing is, this guy's been here before and won it. And over the course of his career, he's put up some big numbers and won some big games. Of course, the Steelers are no ordinary foe. Especially not in such an important game. And he IS 37. I just can't help but think that if he gets hit a few (like 8 or 9) times, he'll start to lose some of his "fire."

Anyways, I don't really have a whole lot to say this morning. If you are behind, I posted like four or five times yesterday. So if it's idiocy, I mean, Steelers related entertainment, you crave, then scroll down.

PS - I forgot to tell y'all. I got my Snuggie last Thursday. Honestly, the free book light that comes with it is even more badass than the Snuggie itself. Tec and I are starting a cult.

She'll be part of it, too.

Also, "The City" may very well be the worst show in the history of television. MTV's programming is really in the shitter. I should just cancel my cable altogether at this point.

Lastly, cue sneak preview of Troy's upcoming, much anticipated Coke ad...

Not bad. Not bad at all.


big TC said...

that new coke ad is awesome and all, but wtf!? Troy!? Troy is probably the nicest guy on the planet!! lol, it just doesn't suite him. but i'll enjoy it anyways!

tiny350Z said...

I am jealous of your book light. I am on the verge of purchasing those magic hangers... I have purses strewn across the apartment and nowhere to hang them.

And Fitzy is looking rather stylish with his outfit.

dude, is it Sunday yet?

domski43 said...

Cotter - its funny you put the pic up of odyssey 2001 b/c that place was a part of one of the craziest nights/mornings of my life. Lets just say i woke up in a hotel's hot tub an hour away from where I was staying the next morning.

Tampa = awesome.

I like how the Cards showed up wearing suits. I kind of wish the Steelers did the same thing. In super bowl XL the steelers wore the Bettis Notre Dame throwbacks, which was pretty cool. It was good to see Ben had his best FUBU sweatsuit on yesterday though.

Noah said...

Agreed with TC here - It would be much more suitable to have someone like any of the LBs. Or to go on the comical side, Big Snack. It'd go something like this:

"Hey Casey (or Snack), do you want my Coke?"

"Awww man, yeah son. I'm famished."

And then it ends.

tecmo said...


That shit comfortable, son?

Marc said...


I hope that won't be Hines in a few years. Hines has a SB MVP and his blocking value but he has a bad rap with some (E. Reed, Suggs etc)

tecmo said...

Marc, I thought the exact same thing when I read that. Hopefully, Hines can add a second ring this weekend to his SBXLMVP and solidify his legacy.

Vern said...

Tampa is the Mecca of scrip clubs. I have no idea why or how, but it is.

Anonymous said...

You bought a SNUGGIE?? I can't tell if I'm embarrassed for you or if your my brand new hero. You know, you can't cuddle with someone in a snuggie. You have to push her off the couch and tell her to go buy her own.

Marc said...

After a few monthes of a relationship that might be just the excuse you need...

Vern said...

All of that static electricity from two Snuggies rubbing up against each other might singe my pubes.

pacman jones said...

scrip clubs in tampa are popular because you can feel the girls titties.

Cotter said...

Damn, FINALLY getting a chance to comment on all this "s."

tc ~ I agree man. A little odd. But like you said, whatever, Troy's awesome. Hopefully the finished product will be hotness.

tiny ~ AMEN! You know what sucks? The Magic Bullet. Ever see that thing? My ex-gf bought one when we lived together and the shit worked for about six months. Jagoffs. What are magic hangers?

domski ~ It's funny that that happened to you, because I know you weren't drinking. Way to go. Do you tell your class that story? I would. They probably already go to the scrip club anyhow.

noah ~ Good call on Snack, man. You should pass that along to Coke. Though I suppose at this point...yeah.

tec ~ Comfortable like steady college ass (wish I still had that deal).

marc ~ I hear ya. Like Tec said, another Super Bowl MVP performance would prob do the trick. Fingers crossed.

vern ~ Two words - Ybor. City.

lori ~ I'm hoping to achieve the double Snuggie. You know, like me AND a chick in ONE Snuggie. I think it can be done. I'll run some tests and let you know for sure, though.

pacman ~ You're a retard. Easiest comment of the day!

Cotter said...

Excuse me, what I meant was another Super Bowl ring. Though an MVP performance overcoming an injury would surely do the trick. Might be asking a little much, but I guess stranger things have happened?

coffee said...

i love my Snuggie... it comes in whenever i want to dress like a pink Jedi