January 23, 2009

AFC North Headline Of The Day...

You know, I used to think I wanted to be President someday. The year 2028 to be exact. But then I realized, it's just too much politics. [Spoiler - these jokes don't get any better].

Seriously, where have you lawmakers been all these years that you couldn't voice your displeasure for the BCS system before? Oh wait, I know. You didn't care. But all of a sudden, Barack Obama (President of hittin' dat ass) makes a joke on Monday Night Football and y'all want to push for change?


I see this shit all the time in law school. If you've never been, let me tell you, you (I) sit among a sea of some of the most annoying dick suckers of all time. These are the kids who in college would go up and introduce themselves to the professor on the first day and go to his/her office hours regularly, presumably in an effort to ultimately achieve a better grade, which they were probably going to get anyway, because they're also the kids who spent Friday night studying POSC 420, instead of studying Getting Laid 101.

Here we are, hemorrhaging money like Mike Tyson in the early 90s, and these idiots want to reform the College football Championship system?


Still, maybe it's a good thing? In all honestly, I really don't care. I just needed something to write about. But maybe you do?

Obsequiousness may abound in DC, but these links want to EARN your respect...

One thing that sucks about living in Hoboken, I don't get "Ghet-to Sports with Manny" [PSaMP]

I know how much y'all think the Steelers need cheerleaders, so I figured you'd be proud to know that the Steelers had the 1st squad in professional sports, back in '61. PS - money quote = "The Browns used to throw things at us." Browns fans? Shocker [KDKA]

Mike Boni - Judas! [USA Today]

Top 10 reasons why the Steelers can't lose [Five Tool Tool]

In honor of the Steelers being in Super Bowl XLIII, the town of Bethlehem, WV has temporarily changed its name to "Village of Steelers fans." God may be kind of upset, but I love it! [Wheeling News-Register]

I almost forgot that Troy was going to be in the Coke Super Bowl Ad! [Courier-Post]

Expect 1000s to descend on da Burgh next weekend...unfortch, prob not me (sad face) [Post-Gazette]

Steelers Nation: Mexico City looks pretty bad ass! Add that to the list of places I need to go [Blog 'n' Gold]

Bruce Davis working on keeping up with his pops [St. Pete Times]

Easier to explain? - Electrolytes or Electric Lights? [Cheese People]

Today's theme at the Riffs - Favorite Notorious B.I.G. songs [Friday Morning Riffs]

Wanna know the #1 song on the day you were born? Check it out and be sure to share in the comments [JoshHosler.biz]

PS - If you're going to Tampa, make sure you hit up Ybor City. I hear it's where all the young, impressionable women are...though I am not at will to confirm or deny that fact.

And finally, if you're in the city today or planning on going to the Pep Rally at Heinz Field specifically, be sure to bring a new Terrible Towel to donate to Western Pennsylvanians stationed overseas. I recognize the gravity of our current economic climate, but if you can't spare a few bones to donate a towel to those serving our country, that's unfortch.

Here's the full slate of info:

Pittsburgh Steelers fans asked to bring new Terrible Towels® to Super Bowl Pep Rally Pittsburgh Steelers Sideline Stores

What: To support Western Pennsylvania military troops overseas, the Pittsburgh Steelers and FedEx Ground are launching the Towels for Troops Campaign to collect new Terrible Towels for shipment to overseas military troops in celebration of the team’s trip to Super Bowl XLIII on Sunday, Feb. 1.

To kick start the campaign, the Pittsburgh Steelers will donate the first 1,000 Terrible Towels during the Super Bowl Pep Rally.

Where: The FedEx Special Delivery Van will be stationed at Heinz Field at Gate A during the Super Bowl Pep Rally. Fans may also drop off Terrible Towels at any of the five Steelers Sideline Stores locations: Heinz Field, Grove City Outlets, Pittsburgh Mills Mall, Monroeville Mall and South Hills Village.

When: Super Bowl Pep Rally, Gate A: 3– 8 p.m., Friday, Jan. 23 Steelers Sideline Stores: regular store hours, Saturday, Jan. 24 and Sunday, Jan. 25"
As the Pensblog would say - Do it.


domski43 said...

Gator Nation 3-man rules. Learn them.

Gators were by far the best team in the country. Period.

Cotter - agreed, too many issues to deal with why even spend 10 seconds thinking about the BCS? QFA.

Someone should call Brett Farve and see what he thinks.

Get Fresh Designs said...

Brett is outside playing like a kid, he's just out there having fun. you know.

tiny350Z said...

There's this weird dude that works at my apartment complex who's a Steelers fan...
When we were coming home from our trip, he's walking around the front of our building singing Hypnotize.. And nods to us acknowledging our Steelers sweatshirts.

big TC said...

hell yea! I live 5 minutes away from Bethleham! I live in Wheeling, and I am stoked to hear that my newspaper made the OFTOT page!! woooooooooooooo!!

random asshole said...

I think you need to stop using the term "Ridic."

I also fail to understand how you can be in law school and still be amazed that you're surrounded by the most "annoying dick suckers" in America. You're fucking lawyers. It's what you do. No further explanation is even necessary here.

Cotter said...

Oh, no. I'm not amazed. I fully expected this. At least I'm not a party to it, though.

And for the record - Ridic is here to stay. Get used to it!

Cotter said...

PS - TC - did I get the paper name right?

random asshole said...

At least I'm not a party to it, though.

That's the great thing about lawyers. I can never tell if they're really good liars or if they seriously believe the shit they say. This is a classic example.

Cotter said...

You got a bad attitude, man.

Feel free to come observe me in action some day. You'll see I'm many things, but I am not a liar.

Brainwise said...

I won't be anywhere near the 'Burgh today, or anytime soon. Is there any way I can donate money to the Towels for Troops Campaign? I'll do some web searching, but I figured I'd post my question here as you already have some info about the gig.

big TC said...

haha, yea you got it right.

random asshole said...

Aww, Cotter, you're so cute when you get all defensive. Like puppies and cupcakes cute, or something.

Cotter said...

Listen, man. I'm just trying to set the record straight. I wouldn't have to defend myself against these wild allegations if you didn't let stereotypes blind you. Open your mind, man!

/says the dude who makes stereotype jokes on the regular...

Oh, and I always fancied myself cute like a teddy bear. But that's just me.

Speaking of cute...hat tip, Sheena Beaston

Cotter said...

brainwise ~ Sorry! I'm not avoiding your question. I just don't know, from what I was given.

But I fired off an email to my contact and I'll let you and everyone else know if there is a way to get involved remotely.

domski43 said...

believe me, cotter is just like every other lawyer.

Cotter said...

Hey Domski, I'm curious, how many other lawyers do you know?


A Sobczak said...

Many thanks for getting the word out regarding the Towels for Troops campaign. Just got back from a great event at Heinz Field.

Since FedEx is not a charity -- we can't accept monetary donations, but our partner, Military Connections can.

Contact Summer Tissue at militaryconnections@hotmail.com or visit her web site: http://www.militaryconnections.blogspot.com/

Summer is hooking us up with units that have a lot of Steelers fans. Without her help, we wouldn't get the towels to the troops.

Go Steelers!