January 21, 2009

AFC North Headline Of The Day...

Alright, Seattle. Can you hear me? Good.









At some point, you're going to have to admit that the Steelers outplayed the Seacocks in that game despite whatever chicanery you think was going on with the refs. Go have a pumpkin spice latte and chill the eff out.

Oh, happy links...

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Steelers wearing a color Madonna can no longer wear for Super Bowl XLIII [Post-Gazette]

Pep Rally - Friday, 5PM @ Heinz Field. Everyone. Gets. Laid. Not. [KDKA]

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Rinku and Dinesh are getting a feel for Pittsburgh from BARRY BONDS? [The Million Dollar Arm]

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This dude can NOT be very excited about life right there [Upside Down Dogs]


matt said...

Nice un-biased jouirnalism buy Danny O'Neill...ass.

I wonder if any of the Seahawks fans actually watched the game a 2nd time?

Cotter said...

Nah, probably too busy watching Grey's Anatomy.

domski43 said...

i think the steelers should just give the super bowl trophy to seattle.

1.) the refs allowed a record breaking 75 yard run by willie parker.

2.) the refs allowed a reverse/touchdown pass from el to hines ward. btw a great block by ben.

3.) the refs kept rushing td setting (now useless) sean alexander out of the endzone.

4.) the refs threw that ball to ike taylor to seal the game.

5.) the refs allowed ben to scramble out of the pocket to convert a 3rd and 28, which set up the "controversial" ben rushing td.

this sets the stage for super bowl 43...the steelers and the refs vs. the cardinals.

random asshole said...

Danny O'Neil is a fantastic writer and a thorough fact-checker. Mr. O'Neil also apparently loves Max Starks so much that he changed our tight end's name to "Max Spaeth."

It's probably a good change. There are too many people named Matt already, anyway.

Cotter said...

8 year olds, dude.

Mark said...

Since you brought up the Patriots, I just noticed a picture of Brady at the NFL site that is begging to be Photoshopped: http://static.nfl.com/static/content/catch_all/nfl_image/t_brady_090117_TOP.jpg

I'm trying to decide if it is the excess of teeth, the hair, or the slight cross-eyes... Maybe you can have him holding a vibrator instead of a trophy (which would explain him smiling).

Notgomu said...

Why is Matt Spaeth our fullback? You can't have more than one tight end on a team? He's been playing too much fantasy football.