December 14, 2008

Prepare Thyselves For Destruction, B-more...

This one comes from out West...Thanks to Dan from Phoenix!

T'was days before the biggest game of the year.
And another second place finish for the Ravens I fear.
Your season ends Sunday in the dust of Willie Parker
Ray Lewis' heart grows nine degrees darker.
We'll ask our Reed not to drink before the game
Your only task left  will be to show Dallas they ARE lame.
The refs may flags us for being mean and hitting hard and such
Leading with our heads, breaking jaws and blitzing too much
Thirty five to three is my call on the score
Another year the Ravens only scratch at the door
You're still better than Nati and Cleveland too
Another chorus of Ho Ho Ho replaced by boo hoo hoo
See y'all around 4!

Set your sights now...

And get fired up!


big TC said...

Today is the day.
We got this.


Cotter said...

I hope you're right, brotha!

I'm already sweatin...but that's just the studying. Soon enough the nervousness about the game will kick in and I'll really be in trouble!