December 9, 2008

AFC North Headline Of The Day...

You know, I seriously want to spread the hatred around the division here. But the Browns are just making this way too easy for me.

Wait, so you're just now realizing that maybe Jamal Lewis isn't the back he once was?

So, you hadn't noticed that after his mind boggling 2000 yard season back in '03, he's averaging just under 1100 yards a season?

Here are the totals...

2003 - 2066 yds (14 TDs)
2004 - 1006 yds (7 TDs)
2005 - 906 yds (3 TDs)
2006 - 1132 yds (9 TDs)
2007 - 1304 yds (9 TDs)
2008 - 800 yds (4 TDs)

I'll let you do the math.

Certainly 1304 yards last year is nothing to shake a stick at. That's actually pretty damn good. And 9 TDs in both of the past two seasons is certainly another good thing. I mean, he is a beast on the goal line. So he definitely seems like he's still a good back to have on the roster. But losing a step? Let's be honest, he has lost A FEW steps. Perhaps you might think about mixing in Jerome Harrison more.

Wait, why am I giving tips to the Browns?

Nevermind, disregard.

Jamal Lewis may have lost a few steps, but these links are running like it's 2003...

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Funny how Jerry Jones called Marion Barber out for not playing with a toe injury (remember, he's a running back...healthy toes come in handy) but didn't say a word when Tony Romo missed three games with a messed up PINKY finger (my words, not MJDs) [MJD]

I believe they're saying that this Sundays game is one of the Ravens most anticipated [Baltimore Sun]

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New blog name? - "One For The Other Thumb and Cute Baby Dogs"

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Awesome puppy website right there.

Anonymous said...

According to Jerry Jones, Romo's a "GODDAMN STAR!"

Oh, and thanks to Tec, my desktop picture alternates daily from mini ponies to upside down dogs.