December 5, 2008

AFC North Headline Of The Day...

Wow, that's an interesting Defensive strategy. So the Ravens are trying to create turnovers, are they? What a novel and shocking approach to the game of football. Certainly they are innovators in purveying this kind of thinking. Oh, that Rex Ryan - what a genius!

I mean, Dick LeBeau would never come up with anything like this. Rex Ryan and the Ravens are clearly a cut above. Well, at least according to Michael David Smith of the Fanhouse (among others).

That misguided logic aside, the Ravens D is looking pretty nasty, even without half of their starting secondary (or is it 3/4?). The unfortunate truth is, they're right on our tails. And, in fact, as takeaways go, they've got three more than us (20 fumble recoveries and 3 INTs to our 13 fumble recoveries and 7 INTs).

So I guess they're not so much LOOKING to take the football away as they actually HAVE BEEN taking the ball away.

Damn, I really wanted to shit on the Ravens today, not realize how hot on our tail they are. Eh, screw it. Ray Lewis is a murderer, Terrell Suggs' gums appear to be eating his teeth, Bart Scott's nickname is the weakest, and the Steelers pretty much OWN Ed Reed.


Feel free to let these links take away your attention from doing actual work (not for too long, of course)...

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Marion Barber doubtful for Sunday [Dallas Morning News]

And while we're at it, Ryan Clark would welcome a shot at TO. God, I hope this happens [Dallas Morning News]

Big Ben on Romo - "I don't mean this to sound rude: He is asking for it. Dating the high profile, doing all the stuff he wants to do. That's the life he chooses to live off the football field. That's his choice and that's why. It's what he chooses to do." [Post-Gazette]

#1 current NFL feud - Hines Ward vs. Bart Scott. I'm ok with that [Yahoo! Sports]

Steelers getting healthy at the right time? I'm not sure I'm totally confident that they're all healthy, but ok [Associated Press]

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Add a Steelers belt buckle to my holiday wish list! [MJD]

"Sid The Kid's Putting on A Show" []

Santonio Holmes gets busted for weed and gets promptly suspended by the Steelers. Sean Ellis gets busted for weed, speeding, being a dick and failing to produce a valid insurance card, and he plays the next day, while the Jets conceal the news for a solid week. Jesus [Sports Crackle Pop]

You may have seen Baby Mangino...Well, here's baby JoePa! [Deadspin]

Lastly, sweet hat, Wade Philips. I've worn so many better hats than that hat. In fact, Tec and I both wore three hats each on last week's [Unnamed] Steelers Pregame Show that were better than that hat...


big TC said...

i hate the fucking ravens so goddamn much... hmm funny? i was saying the same thing last year about the browns at the same time. and the year we won the superbowl about the bungles... hmm.. do you know what this means?


domski43 said...

is wade phillips' left eye sinking into his nose or is just my eyez playing tricks on me?

Anonymous said...

They were talking about Ben's comments on Romo on "First Take" this morning and Skip Brainless called Ben a hypocrite. As attractive as they are, Natalie Gulbis and Missy Pegrym don't get a quarter of tabloid attention as Jessica. And neither of them have showed up at Heinz Field wearing one of those awful, rhinestoned light yellow Ben jerseys, while dating him. If they did and the Steelers lost, they probably wouldn't be able to set foot in Pittsburgh again.

Cotter said...

Not to mention, 10 bucks says Skip Bayliss has been called a hypocrite about 800,000 times in his 75 year tenure as a journalist (seriously, isn't he like 106?). Yawn. He's irrelevant.

tiny350Z said...

That headline reminds me of the times Jaworski says, "You've gotta catch the ball with your hands".

Thanks... no really... Thanks for that insight into great football strategy.

Wade Phillips should have a little white pom pom on the top of that hat.