November 19, 2008

Marvel Smith - What's Up With His Life?

So here's something that sucks - Our ol' buddy, Marvel Smith, has missed the last six games with back spasms and will be missing tomorrow's game due to this continued affliction.

You'll remember he also had to cut short his '07-'08 campaign to have surgery back (pun intended) last December.

Now, the team's Doctors are trying to determine whether these problems require another surgery.

I'm no expert (shocking, I know), but a 30-year-old Left Tackle who's missed 10 out of the last 20 games because of back problems for which he's already had surgery once and may need surgery for again, sounds serious.

You think there's any chance we get him back at any point this season? Or ever, for that matter? And similarly, in your opinion, has Max Starks been earning that 7 mil in Marvel's 'stead?


Sheena Beaston said...

seriously, did we even have a day off...this Thursday game is going to be a killer for a team that is already severely depleted

looks like Chris Parquet and Tony Hills need be sharpening their teeth

Sheena Beaston said...

and in reality, Chris = Jeremy

Vern said...

I'm hoping no one offers Marvel any serious offers and we can Starks him next season. You know, transition tag.

Vern said...

Did I just say "offers serious offers"? I just made the English language my own personal Laci Peterson.

domski43 said...

i hope he comes back healthy for the playoff run. with these types of issues i see the steelers not resigning him.

a lot of rookie tackles have made a large impact this year (under the radar) of course Long in Miami has solidified that o-line, but the tackle in denver, and pitt's own Jeff Otah in Carolina have made immediate impacts for their teams. Hopefully the steelers can pick up a gem like one of these guys in next years draft.

Vern said...

These "gems" went in the first 15 picks, though. We likely aren't going to have a shot at a sure thing OT until we suck. And hopefully we won't suck.

Our strategy of waiting until the 4th-7th rounds to pick OL is killing us right now.

marc said...

Lets do O line 1-2 like we did LB with Wood and Timmons, that worked out ok...

Cotter said...

sheena ~ Read that comment again and try not to laugh.

vern ~ You think we'll also pay him in the neighborhood of 7 mil?

domski ~ I agree. Seems like it'd be tough to bring him back in this state of health. But at least we know he should among friends as an Arizona Cardinal.

marc ~ Yeah, I mean those two are alright. So why not? I'd also like to get a D-lineman in there somewhere too, though.