November 12, 2008

AFC North Headline Of The Day...

Ok, so after scanning today's AFC North headlines...or lack thereof, more appropriately, I've decided that none are worth our time here at OFTOT. Instead, I've decided to provide you all with a handful of screen shots that I find rather entertaining.

Beginning with this dude right here, taken from KDKA's web site.

KDKA, you'll remember, also misspelled "Reacts" in their story about Big Ben crying over Sunday's game. Apparently their online editor's brain has taken the week off. I can overlook missing the "e" in "Reacts." But saying a guy was released, when in reality he was just SIGNED, is a little more significant. Not that I much care. I mean, it's KDKA, not the Post-Gazette. I doubt too many people saw this one anyhow. Plus, we all know who's the real King of inaccuracies on these here interwebs...yep, you're looking at him.

So moving on, apparently someone is trying to find out either whether Center Justin Hartwig has a girlfriend or if he does, who this chick might be, because damn.

So you didn't get what you wanted from OFTOT the first five times, why not try it a sixth? I mean, what? That's effing interesting, man.

Next, there's this.

Now, listen, I fully expect Browns fans to hate the Steelers. It's the nature of the beast and I think the feeling is pretty much mutual. But Jesus. This dude sure seems to be allowing his hatred for the Steelers to push him toward the brink of insanity. Though, to be fair, I think being a Browns fan by nature means you're pretty close to mental instability in the first place. By the way, this is from Facebook, and can be found on the wall of the Group named, "[Expletive deleted] the Steelers!" Ah, the interwebs. So full of anger.

And finally, there's the forum topic you see below.

Ok, I'll reluctantly admit, I share a little bit of this sentiment. I probably wouldn't have gone so far as to say this was his one chance to distinguish himself, as this guy seems to be implying. BUT, at a certain point Tomlin does have to make the decision for his players, taking everything into account. We know Ben wants to play. Of course he does, he's a champ. But as a result, he can't always be the best judge of his own effectiveness when he's hurt. That said, certainly it's possible that Tomlin did take everything into account and determined Big Ben WAS the best option. Am I wrong?

By the way, I think Random Asshole would be proud of that last one...

Unfortunately, I have no screen shots for these links. But hopefully you'll still read them anyway...

Best news of the week - Chris McAllister and Dawan Landry to IR [Associated Press]

Mike Zigomanis - the Pens unsung hero [PSaMP]

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Brett said...

You can only put so much stock into a single half of a game that Leftwich came into. Although yes Ben is banged up, when hasn't he been hurt in some way? It seems that every year there is some new injury hindering Ben, but yet he always seems to put up consistent numbers, albeit with a few mistakes in the way. I think that we as Steelers nation need to come to the realization that Ben is not in the upper tier of QBs in the league with Brady and Manning. However Ben is in the next step down, he is a solid consistent QB that you can rely on game in a game out.
Ben is going to play unless he is run over by a car, oh wait. He is going to put up his numbers and lead the team to victory. Don;t forget that Leftwich is the backup, and he did what he needed to aginist Washingtion. Also don;t get to high on him remember he was replaced by David Gerrard.

Get Fresh Designs said...

It's funny calling Tomlin out on starting Ben, because Cowher did the same thing when Ben was far more affected by that appendectomy and started Ben over a red-hot Batch (who happened to take most if not all the snaps in the preseason with the first team).

random asshole said...

Ugh, sports blogs' comment sections. From that post:

Great leaders have displayed courage by ignoring critics and doing what is right. Tomlin has another opportunity this week againts the Chargers.

So, if Tomlin were truly a great leader, he'd ignore the random internet critics and start Ben? That's logic even I can agree with.

Cotter said...

brett ~ Yes, well first, I guess I should have been more clear. I do not share the sentiment that Byron Leftwich is a better QB (even for one game). Far from it, actually. And if you've read this blog with any regularity, you'll know that's how I feel. I meant that I share the sentiment that Tomlin has to make tough decisions like this. I don't know if Byron Leftwich would've been the better option. Probably not. But Tomlin does have to operate a little more independently, if in fact he let Big Ben play based on Ben's feeling alone (which obviously I can't say with any degree of certainty was the case either). I'm talking about a bigger picture here.

Second, there are degrees of being injured. You can play through bumps, brusies, minor sprains, etc. But I don't think we, as fans, can know how hurt he really is. Tomlin, on the other hand, would. If it's a significant injury that has an serious impact on his effectiveness throwing the football, he probably shouldn't be playing. That's all I'll say.

Third, I really don't want to get into this debate again. Oh well...

Cotter said...

doug ~ Good point!

random asshole ~ Well, this one was from a forum, which tends to be even worse in the way of ridiculous speculation, but yeah, same idea. And yes, I agree with your interpretation of that logic. You should really integrate "genius" somewhere into your handle..."random asshole genius," "random genius asshole," "genius random asshole?"

random asshole said...

Sorry to disappoint, Cotter, but there's only so much stuff that can fit in or around this asshole.

Cotter said...

That's what she said...


I apologize for that. It had to be done, though.