November 7, 2008

AFC North Headline Of The Day...

Aw, poor Brady Quinn. And he played so well. Why oh why couldn't the rest of the Browns come through for him?


So I guess I gotta give the dude some props. That was pretty much 100 times better than I would've expected him to do. But you know what? It's like I said all week, the Browns' collective sucking has indeed been a full team effort. Sure, Derek Anderson was playing about as well as JT O'Sullivan. But it didn't help that Braylon Edwards had a case of Ike Taylor hands and Lt. Kellen Winslow was hurt and/or dicking around with the Browns front office.

And speaking of K2, what good is it to have that big of a game if you can't come through in the clutch. From where I was sitting, that 4th down throw went right through his hands. Listen man, I know Brady Quinn is the Myoplex King and probably super strong for it (riiiggghhtttt). But that's a ball you've gotta catch. I don't really know what else to say.

Oh and the Browns defense, much like their counterparts on the other side of the field, clearly didn't feel like stopping anyone last night. Nice work giving up that big play to Eddie Royal, dudes. I mean, the Broncos didn't have hardly any healthy running backs left. You know they're going to pass, and yet, nothing. Of course, that comes as no surprise to this guy. But dude, 447 passing yards! Ouch! I doubt any of you are sitting well today after that ass raping.

I guess there's really only one thing to say then...CHAMPIONSHIP!

Maybe these links could play better Defense than the Browns...

Big Ben = NFL's highest paid player...I wonder what the breakdown is for dollars earned per sack [WKYC]

It's official, Willie Parker will not play Sunday. I just...ugh [Post-Gazette]

Even more bad news - Phil Simms will be calling Sunday's game...he did compliment our linebackers, though... [SteelCityInsider]

DeAngelo Hall lands with the 'Skins...thankfully AFTER we already played them [WaPo]

Ah whatever, you've probably seen all the decent news by now anyhow. God I need a vacation...

PS - Yes, this is super late today. What can I say? It's been a long week. And much like last week, for some reason, I'm more busy on Friday than I was on Tuesday and Wednesday. Consequently, if anyone has a knife, I wouldn't much mind slashing some vital body parts right now. Cheers.

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domski43 said...

who doesnt look good against the broncos defense.

That thurday night game was a thing of beauty. I'm so jealous of Phil Savage!

The only hope the Browns have is if Bill Cowher coaches them.