October 7, 2008

Disaster Averted?

Ok, fine. You guys don't wanna learn more about the subtle nuances of Cotter? I understand. I don't either. Here's your football post, then.

According to the Post-Gazette, Mitch Berger was readying his leg for a field goal at the end of Sunday's game because Jeff Reed injured his left calf muscle. And while he's expected to return for our next game against the Bangles, this puts me and Tecmo's prediction of a perfect season for Reed in severe jeopardy.

Imagine Jeff Reed WASN'T able to go on that final scoring drive. Approximately where would you place our chances of winning on the leg of Mitch Berger? And if Jeff Reed were to write a poem about this, how might it go?


occoquanfrank said...

my calf, my calf
by jeff reed.

my calf, my calf
the steelers chances of winning have been cut in half.
Mitch Berger shall kick the ball,
hopefully the jaquars will fall.
A victory party will go down,
and mutliple shirtless pictures of me shall be show around.

Cotter said...


I give a 10!

Ode to Skippy said...

Oh Skippy, Great Skipster
What's happened to you?

When the chips are down
and the game's on the line
who'll we turn to?

Not Mitch Berger, a punter
won't do
Nobody else can quite
replace you!

We're in trouble, Big Skip
Why, oh why
did that calf

Have to rip??

Noah said...

Even though the dynamic duo of commentators stated that Berger did do kicks in his career, I'd still place our chances at 20% at best.

The field goal that wasn't.
by Jeff Reed

My Calf got ripped from my body
Berger's Placekicking is shoddy
He can't even do punts
Josh Miller did better once
O man, I've got to go to the potty.

(In Berger's defense, he didn't do that bad on Sunday night.)

tobiathan hates rainy days said...

nice one, Noah...lmao