October 9, 2008

Afternoon Pop Quiz...

Tobiathan's Xmas gift - 2007
This one's for Big Snack Silverback...

Fact or Fiction - The officiating in Sunday night's game against Jacksonville nearly cost us the game?

I'm not going to participate in this one. But for the record, my position on all this is - Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Sometimes you get a call, sometimes you get screwed. You get angry, punch the TV, go to the hospital, then get over it. Not necessarily in that order...and if you're me, there's a stop at Eat 'n Park in there somewhere. But that's the general idea.

Now, I'll leave the rest of this conversation to you all...

Oh, and never you fear, the AFC North Headline of the Day will be coming later in the afternoon. Creative onslaught led to too much content in the middle of the day. Hence, Headline of Day gets bumped. I'm sure you're all crying about it right now...yeah...anyway.


domski43 said...

sometimes calls go your ways, sometimes they dont

officials in any sport are human and make mistakes (especially at the high speed of the NFL game). good teams rise above bad calls and make the big plays to win the game

human error is part of the game.

is anyone sick of hearing about the seahawks getting robbed by the officials in super bowl XL? me too.. and i promised myself that i would never sound like them, crying about officiating instead of biting the bullet and just saying that my team lost.

make the plays necessary to win the game!

Big Snack Silverback said...

I agree w you Domski, I am tired of people whining about XL, especially Seattle fans. I never would want to blame a loss on the refs, and I think we have overcome some really bad officiating in recent history (see the Colts game two games before XL). I just agree with my boy Silverback, in that there have been too many fishy things going on for it to be coincidence in certain games.