September 11, 2008

Good Thing They Didn't Ask Big Ben...

Suggested Caption: "You know, you're right, Jenny. Helmets do save lives. We should get you to talk to Ben."
[Editor's Note: I realize you may have already heard about this from a couple of other sources, but you haven't heard it from me. So I respectfully ask that you indulge me. Gracias.]

Man, never have I been so irritated that I live in Manhattan than this week. For a variety of reasons, most of which won't concern me here. But the one that does is that I was invited to attend an event at Park Elementary School in Munhall, PA, at which Hines Ward spoke to some budding Steelers fans about safety, unveiling "Safety Town."

It's no secret that Hines loves the kids (and attention). So it's not altogether surprising that he'd partner with FedEx and Safe Kids Pittsburgh on this one. The general premise of "Safety Town" is that it's a venue to teach kids about pedestrian safety, particularly things like how to safely cross the street or play on the playground.

Anyways, bravo to Hines, FedEx and Safe Kids Pittsburgh. If these kids can't learn safety from Hines Ward, who can they learn it from?

Here are a couple of other pictures from the know, if you're into that sort of thing...



domski43 said...

gary anderson came to my school when i was a young lad. it was awesome! he talked w/ a funny accent (i didnt know if it was because he was from South Africa or he just had a speech impediment) either way its cool that hines is getting involved in the community. maybe jeff reed should get involved? *imagine that assembly

tobi-live-in-Pittsburgh-u-goon-iathan said...

Uh---------you should have called/emailed me. I'm 10 minutes from Munhall, and free all day, most every day. Maybe i haven't mentioned it, but i live *IN* Pittsburgh.

But, then, i apparently am not very good at noting observations or anything...{whistles nonchalantly}

Cotter said...

domski ~ I actually think they have Jeff Reed penciled in for D.A.R.E. But not as an advocate. Rather, an example of what you could become if you don't pledge. Should probably be pretty effective, if you ask me.

tobiathan ~ Fieldcorrespondentbiathan?