July 11, 2008

Meeting People Is Easy...

Absolute insanity this week.

Since last week's questions were too good to pass up, and I was too drunk busy last Thursday night to put together an MPIE, this week's edition uses last week's questions. Wait, did that make any...uh...sense...carry the two...hmmm...

Anyways, your panel this week is:
Marc ~ Kip from Napoleon Dynamite (well, his avatar is)
Cotter's Dad ~ The original Dude (as in THE Dude)
The Immortal Silky Johnson ~ I think he was born with a full beard
Cotter ~ Does not like tourists.
The Chief ~ Does not believe in text messaging
Tecmo ~ Rock Band legend (seriously, this man is unmatched)

Click to enlarge...

Perhaps I'll add something witty when my eyelids are no longer descending on the rest of my face. 'Til then, I hope this suffices...

Ok, good talk, see you out there.


tobiathan t rooney said...

Excellent MPIE today, as always.

I just wanted to take a moment to eat some crow in reference to my earlier campaign to trade for Jax WR Matt Jones. Apparently he's been busted on a felony count of cocaine posession in his car early yesterday AM.

Don't think that woulda bode well for his career as a Steeler considering how quick we dumped ole Bam back in the day...

So- i'm saying i'm wrong. Mark this down, cuz it don't happen much!

Go Stillers! Stay Rooneys!

marc said...

Yea! Friday! Exclamation points!

Sweet MPIE, keep up the good work, so that I can get out of doing any.