June 19, 2008

2008, The Year of _______________.

Lot of homeboys this week...not sure what that's all about...
Oooops, sorry about yesterday guys. Um, I kind of, you know, had, well, nothing to write about. Per se. However, the good news is - today I aim to change that.

Perhaps June 19 is quite early to be prognosticating for the 2008 season. But in the absence of anything else interesting, like the state of Chad Johnson's ankle, I think we'll all have to make concessions.

So I've laid out some bold predictions for 2008 below. The catch is - you guys are the ones who ultimately get to make them. The hope is that wherever you see a blank line, you'll fill it in with whatever you feel is right (in the comments). You may have seen this kind of trickery back in the 1st through 3rd grades. Well those were probably the last years I paid attention in school. Hence, I've borrowed a page from 2nd grade spelling class.

Use whatever tactic you like - answer rationally, with a level-headed explanation; or give us the most ridiculous crap your depraved mind can dream up.

The choice is yours young Jedis.



1. __________ will be the biggest surprise on Defense in 2008.

2. The starting RCB will be _____________ in 2008.

3. Tobiathan _____________ in 2008.

4. Silverback will maim ___________ in 2008.

5. The leading receiver in 2008 will be ______________.

6. Big Ben will throw _______________ in 2008.

7. Patriot fans will call Tecmo a ___________ in 2008.

8. In January 2009, the Steelers will be _______________.

9. ___________ will be Barack Obama's homeboy VP in 2008.

10. In 2008, Cotter will:
A. Drop out of law school to blog full time on OFTOT.
B. Throw snowballs at Donovan McNabb.
C. Braid Tom Brady's hair.
D. Finally learn to read.

And if you'd like to compare notes with a pro, feel free to do so here. Though I doubt Gerry Dulac covered what name(s) Pats fans will call Tecmo or whether or not I will finally learn to read. Haven't the faintest idea why not...

PS - Story ideas welcome.


marc said...

1. Ryan Clark being competant
2. McFadden
3. intercepts Brady Quinn
4. everything in his way
5. Santonio
6. a bad ass party
7. smelly pirate hooker
8. victorious
9. Cotter
10. D

tecmo said...

1. Timmons
2. McFadden
3. falls down
4. a lot
5. Santonio Holme's dick
6. a football
7. god
8. destroying their playoff competition
9. Anybody but Ed Rendell
10. D

domski43 said...

1.) More 4-3
2.) McFadden
3.) wishes Owen Schmitt was a Steeler
4.) Derek Anderson or Brady Quinn
5.) Santonio Holmes
6.) less touchdowns, but have more passing yards
7.) gypsy
8.) marching towards a February 1st date with the NFC Champion @ Raymond James Stadium (Tampa).
9.) Eliot Spitzer
10.) C

Big Snack said...

1. Woodley being All-Pro
2. McFadden
3. Wishes he were Kevin Colbert
4. Anything that moves
5. Hines
6. 32 tds, 11 picks, 3300 yards
7. No talent ass clown
8. Kickin' Brady in his nuts
9. Luke Ravenstahl
10. A

tecmo said...

Whoa. I'm a no talent ass clown?

Cotter said...

Thanks dudes, very interesting to see all these!

For the record, here's how I see this going...
1. Timmons (I'd like to be different but I have to agree with Tec on this)
2. Deshea
3. Will finally execute his plot against Rich Rodriguez
4. Anyone who tries to keep him from having his son baptized...that or Steely McBeam
5. Cedrick Wilson...oops, I mean Hines
6. At least three 40+ yard bombs to San Antonio
7. Ball licker
8. Defending Tecmo's "good name" against the Patriots
9. Joey Porter's Pit Bulls
10. B...if all goes to plan...PS anyone of large build who would like to attend that game with me is more than welcome...

The Immortal Silky Johnson said...

1. Jevon Kearse
2. McFadden
3. will break the truth behind spygate wide open.
4. Tom Brady
5. Anquan Boldin
6. for over 3,000 yards
8. their savior, once they have realized the errors of being a pat's fan.
9. Ross Perot
10. A, because Cotter apparently needs some Legal poon to keep hios head on straight!

Like there is going to be any snow for you to even make a snowball to throw at him.

Big Snack said...

No, no tec, you're not a no talent ass clown, that's just what Pats fans think - I just think your an ass clown, but you got some talent...hahahaha

That's better then a ball licker anyway...

tecmo said...

I'd think of myself as more of a dorkwad, but I'd roll with it

Barrack tobia-obama said...

1. KC Chiefs(team) or L. Woodley(Steeler)
2. Ike "Hands Like Stone" Taylor
3. ...will tell it like it truly is...
4. A Raven RB
5. Who can guess this? It's always a shocker to me...
6. Like Dan Marino on crack
7. Low-down such-and-suching freakin' filthy somethin'-err-otha
8. The biggest surprise in the league with the best record, toughest defense, and best passing game around waiting for their second SB win this decade. Of course.
9. his gaylicious lover that Sinclair guy. Or OBL. Either/or. I don't trust him: he's whiter than i am.
10. E- Get a female-to-male sex change so he can look at all the hangin' manhood in the lockerroom at the local bathhouse.(Just kiddin, buddy :-)

Story idea:

How the Steelers screwed the pooch by passing on Schmitt in the draft


How the Cheatriots bribed Goodell into a complete coverup on the Spygate issue


What a turncoat douche-sicle Rich Rodriguez is

OK- am i as clever as i pretend to be? Are you as stoopid as you wanna be?

Whoo-hoo: Go Stillers!