May 6, 2008

Who Says Ike Can't Catch!?!

A year ago Ike Taylor was Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin's "special project." This year, Ike is the clear cut #1 cornerback on the roster.

Over the past few years I've been very critical of Taylor's catching ability, but I continue to remind myself that this is why he is a cornerback and not a wide receiver.

Either way, his numbers speak for themselves....

  • Led the Steelers with 3 interceptions and 17 passes defended in 2007.
  • He finished second on the team with 90 tackles last year.
  • Only gave up two touchdown passes while in man coverage.
  • Set a team record against Jacksonville with his 3rd consecutive interception in a playoff game.
  • Intercepted Matt Hasselbeck late in Super Bowl XL to seal the deal for "the one for the thumb."
  • Face-Me-Ike
The Trib's John Harris reports that Taylor is being switched from the left side of the defense to the right side because of versatility reasons, to evolve with NFL wide receiver formations, and recent rushing trends.

Makes sense.....what do you think?

In other Steelers news...

Big Ben wears sombrero, Tomlin decides that special teams need to rest, Lawrence Timmons is practicing "Practice!?!...Are we talking about PRACTICE!?!"

Rashard Mendenhall continues Steelers rookie trend.

I want to train with Polamalu.

Add some new words to your vocabulary.....Cotter has been FRENCHIFIED!

Keep it real in the City of Steel!


Cotter said...


Marc said...

Pretty shitty, 3 INTs led the team.

The Immortal Silky Johnson said...

Mendenhall got robbed at gun point...

Sheena Beaston said...

So I guess if Big Ben wears a sombrero on or around Cinco de Mayo, he should:

"Beba como un campeĆ³n hoy"

(that's Drink Like a Champion Today, for all you lazy nontranslational asses)

Cotter said...

I like dinosaurs...

Sorry, figured I'd interject that since we're all over the map today.

terbayathunn said...

"nontranslational asses"?


Is that like "Unbilinguisticated turds"?

And why was MendenRookie in a place where he *could* be robbed by armed robbers so late at night?

Do you mean that a rookie NFLer and Steeler might not yet realize that he doesn't have a *right* to associate with late-nite out-on-the-town ruff-and-tumble types?

Unpossible' (as they say in Frenchburgh).

Al over WHAT map, mayhap???

tobiathan Cusack said...

"Fronch fries, Fronch dressing, Fronch onion dip..."

For Monique. Love- Ricky

*Ten points for naming the '80's film to which the above alludes!

tbn said...

Ya know, if Ike caught every bal that hit him in the hands he'd have like 80 INTs by now. Interesting.