May 7, 2008

Mistake By The Lake??

What a rollercoaster ride for Rashard Mendenhall over the past few weeks! From being the Steelers first round draft pick (chosen later than he or anyone expected), to injuring his hamstring, to getting robbed at gunpoint in Chicago. Hopefully the old saying that things happen in threes means that this is the end of Rashard's troubles for awhile. (Knock on wood...LITERALLY! I recommend Jeff Reed's head)

Because I know he reads this's my open letter to Rashard Mendenhall...

Dear Rashard,
As a dignitary of Steelers Nation, I would like to welcome you to the best franchise in the NFL. I would also like to express how very sorry we all were to hear about your hamstring and the loss of your cell phone and wallet. It was nice of the robbers to give you back your car keys though.

There's just one thing troubling me - Why exactly were you walking around the Chicago lakefront at 2 a.m. with your lady friend? Don't get me wrong, Steelers nation is very excited about the addition of your running skills to compliment Fast Willie Parker. But let's try to stay away from these early morning strolls by the lake, or any other suspicious place for that matter. Even though you are only 20, you have to understand that as of draft day, your status in life has completely changed.

Please be safe and take some time to let that hammy heal. We have great expectations for you, young man.



In other Steelers news....


The Immortal Silky Johnson said...

You know Common wrote a song about a similar situation "Payback is a Grandmother." That lake front area is a dangerous place.

tobiathan said...

Here here!

Mr. Mendenhall:

You young guys need to know how different your lives are after being paid very well and put in the public eye.

Sure, it's glamorous to be a sports celeb. But it also requires sacrifice to maintain. There are a lot of peple out there who not only don't care that you just got drafted by a rawking tean; there are those who hate you preciselty BECAUSE your life is so exciting and successful. Misery loves company, and being a young athlete just puts a target on your back for troublemakers, haters, gold-diggers and the rest of the unhappy masses.

Keep yourself out of ANY position which might compromise your health, success, and reputation.


tub-o-thiacin said...

who the frikkin heck is Common?

Seems a little unspectacular if ya ask me...which you didn't :-)