May 19, 2008

Time For OFTOT's Digital Suggestion Box...

Good afternoon dudes and dudettes. Hopefully you all aren't still mad at me for wasting your time with that Belichick business earlier this morning. Because now, I come to you asking for your thoughts.

The offseason, and my active imagination, have led to some new things for OFTOT over the past few months. So I'm wondering what you guys think works and what does not? What else you would want to read about and what you would not? What else you would like to see here at OFTOT in general? And of course, how am I doing?

If you would be so kind as to answer the questions below truthfully, I would be very grateful. Also, if you have specific things you want to share, please feel free to exercise your god interweb-given right to engage in conversation with myself and the rest of the OFTOT community, and leave them in the comments.

Oh, and if "Other" appears as an option and you choose it, please write in your answer.


Question 1:

Question 2:

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Question 10:


marc said...

Cotter, as I've said, love the blog. By subscribe if you mean RSS feeds no, but if you mean read daily, yes. I really enjoy debating or just sharing opinions on matters with you and others (tecmo, domski, tobitian)
I like the personal touches also, the Meeting People, etc.
In other words keep it up.

Christy said...

I think Cotter is adorable!

Cotter said...

Thanks Christy!

I think that's what Marc was trying to say so many words.

And for the record, Cotter is also very available.

tobiathan said...

Yup, just like the other kids say!

I just wish i could be more consistent....