March 31, 2008

Why Can't We Be Friends?

Hey, remember when the Steelers beat the Seahawks pretty decisively in Super Bowl XL, but just about every Seahawks fan (and Coach Mike Holmgren) chalked the victory up to poor officiating and complained about it for at least the next two years? And remember when last season, a rather uncouth Steelers fan spat on Deion Branch?

Well one Seattle man has "exacted his revenge," doing unto one Steeler fan's tasty meal as the aforementioned Steeler fan dideth to Deion Branch.

Apparently, either Friday or some day in the recent past, a cook at a "fast food restaurant" (no indication which but my money's on Burger King) spat on the burger of a customer dressed in full Steelers attire.

To be fair, it was alleged that the Steeler fan "traded remarks" with the employee about Super Bowl XL...and I'm willing to bet it wasn't "good game, sorry you guys lost." So perhaps it was a bit provoked. But flinging insults is one thing. Spitting on a man's burger is quite another.

For starters, that's just poor form - ruining a man's meal like that. But secondly, and more importantly, get over it. That game was played like two years ago and the score still ain't changing. You lost, live with it. The Steelers lost Super Bowl XXX, and in quite dramatic fashion. But I don't hear Steeler fans bitching about it now (least not most). It sucks to lose, and I'm sure none of us were/are happy Neil O'Donnell couldn't pull that one out. But you move on and hope that someday in the future you win Super Bowl XL one.

Seriously, this unchecked aggression will not stand man.

Also, let the record show that when police went to the man's house to apprehend him, they "smelled marijuana." This may be the first crime committed by a stoned man that didn't include stealing nachos from 7-11.

What say you all? Do you approve of this kind of behavior? Is it reasonable for Seahawks fans to still be bitter about Super Bowl XL? You think they serve burgers at Starbucks?

Seahawks Fan Accused of Spitting in Steelers Fan Burger [Associated Press]

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Christy said...

I'm not surprised at all that this happened. I think the Steelers rubbed salt in the wound when we shut them out this past year.

By the way, judging from his pic, Holmgrem sure did lose a lot of weight. :p

Cotter said...

Haha, certainly seems that way, doesn't it?

Holmgren can pay me for that later. Amazing the things one can do with a little photoshop action.

tobiathan said...

Spitting on somebody's food as a restaurant employee is counter-productive and the act of a coward.