December 23, 2007

Thank You Santa Marvin...

Guess we can't say Marvin Lewis never did anything for us.

Yep, with the Bengals win over the Browns this afternoon, the Steelers have now clinched the AFC North and either the #3 or the #4 seed in the AFC playoffs pending the outcome of the final two Charger games.

In my mind, the ideal scenario here is for the Chargers to lose Monday, then with a win at Baltimore, the Steelers can secure the #3 seed, and hopefully play the #6 seed Browns/Titans in the 1st round of the playoffs (at Heinz Field).

Either way, thank you Marvin Lewis for taking down the Browns.

Merry Christmas Cincinnati. As for your collective New Years Resolution - I'd strongly consider NOT eating chili with cinnamon in it. That shit just ain't right, man.

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Tobiathan said...

As weird as it felt to root for Stinkinatti it felt better to see them come thru with a big win- for us!

I'd love to see us sign both TJ Howshmanzilly and Justin Smith in the offseason. It'll never happen, of course, but it would give us a helluva boost on both sides AND virtually destroy Cinci. A two-fer. At the very least we really should try for J. Smith. He's a beast.

Yup- the Bungles done us a solid. With luck we can thank them with another ring for our colection.

Much as i hate to admit it, though, i doubt the league OR the officials are going to allow anybody to beat the Cheatriots this year. It all seems pretty well set by now.

After watching the NE-Miami game(and every other NE game i could get) i've come to the conclusion that there is someone in the league that wants them to win out, because those guys get away with more holding(offensively and defensively) and pushing off by their receivers than everybody else in the league combined.

I saw Jason Taylor get literally TACKLED trying to get at Brady tonight at least four times with absolutely no reaction from the "officials".

It makes me sick.

But our Steelers are tough, experienced, and determined. I think we will play valiantly in the postseason. I'm proud of them already.

Merry Christmas folks-


tecmo said...

Aw shit. I just posted a quick thank you before checking out OFTOT. I hate your guts.

Cotter said...

T - I'd definitely take Justin Smith AND his hair. But I'm not sure how we'd work that unless we'd be willing to tell Aaron Smith to take a seat. And I don't think any of us are ready to tell Aaron Smith to do anything...

Tec - Listen man, this is a free country. You can post whatever you want, whenever you want, however you want. Tis the beauty of America and the internets. Besides, not like anyone saw the news here anyhow...or did they?

troubledjew said...

more bone crunching stats. aside for thinking big ben is in the top five for mvp look at the sack stats.see the company the steelers are in and weep

troubledjew said...

oh i forgot- go broncos. i think we all know why we'd rather have the browns or titans coming to town.....

Cotter said...

Yikes - thanks for the link TJ! So Big Ben gets sacked essentially one out of every 10 times he drops back? Damn, that's harsh.

PS- Did you notice that out of the 4 most sacked QBs, Ben was the only one that was on a team with a winning record (let alone one that's going to the playoffs)?

And yeah, Go BRONCOS! It certainly couldn't hurt us to get the #3 seed.