December 31, 2007

Putting The "Special" In Special Teams...

[From left to right - Chuck Batch, Face Me Ike Taylor, Willie "Hands" Reid]

Right now, it’s balls to the wall. It’s the playoffs. If you ain’t ready to go in the playoffs, you don’t belong here."
- Tyrone Carter
Departing from general OFTOT redux format, I won't say much about last night's game. Partially because many of my Steelers blogging compatriots have done such a stellar job already and partially because I'm still recovering from the case of Rolling Rock ponies I drank last night. However, I will say this - meaningless game or not, if you fumble kickoffs, throw untimely interceptions, and can't stop a 3rd/4th string running back, you are not going to win any game, let alone a playoff game. If what we saw yesterday was a preview of what we have to look forward to next Saturday against Jacksonville, then I'm going to need to main line vodka to watch that game.

Of course, the turnover problem was all Willie Reid and Charlie Batch - two gentleman that are not likely to see the field next week. But the more troubling challenge, one that could remain, is not stopping the run. Musa Smith/Cory Ross (No Name Back 1/No Name Back 2) ran for 155 combined yards yesterday. All I have to say about that is - have fun with Fred Taylor and MJD, guys.

Oh, and this off season, somebody better teach Ike Taylor to catch. Sort that sitch out Tomlin.

So guys, how do you feel about the playoffs after yesterday? Will we get it together enough to stop the Jaguars two headed monster and make Garrard beat us with his arm? Who will return kicks if Rossum can't go? If this game was so meaningless then how come I'm still pissed we lost?

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The Chief said...

While I want to be the ever-loving and faithful believing fan, I don't have the feel that this is our year. Naturally, the Pats have the upper hand times ten and they are seemingly unstoppable but we just haven't been able to play even relatively mistake-free football this whole season.

I mean, we pretty much dominated the division but that's not a real stretch - even Cleveland wasn't as good as advertised and our Week 1 drubbing of them revealed that.

Our performance against the Seahawks was probably the best game of the year against a respectable opponent but then we drop must-win games to the Broncos, Cardinals and Jets? Too much teeter-tottering this season. It's too bad because Ben had his game on the top level too.

I make no excuses on injuries: Smith, Parker, et. al: I think we'd better be prepared to talk to Faneca or draft really well to fill the void that he will leave. Playoff advancement? Not much more than two rounds if you ask me. Tomlin just isn't ready yet.

Cotter said...

Yeah, I mean I wholeheartedly agree with your want to be a homer, but at the same time I'm a realist too. This team hasn't looked like it had a chance at the Super Bowl since the 2nd Bengals game...perhaps even before that if you wanna be a real dick.

On the flipside - as they say, this is the 2nd season (playoffs that is). It's essentially any man's game. I think we fell into this situation for a reason. We need momentum, a spark. If we can somehow magically pull off shutting down the Jags rushing attack and keep our Offensive production on a roll, maybe we've got a shot to do something.

I won't hold my breath, but you never know. That's all I'm saying.