December 19, 2007

Attention Steeler Defense...

"Looking forward to the St. Louis Rams...Steven Jackson is a very, very talented runner. We’ve got our hands full there....We better be sound in terms of what we’re doing. We better be on our Ps and Qs in terms of executing our assignments and you can’t lose the physical element of the game in doing that. We’ve got to be physical, we’ve got to turn him around, we’ve got to tackle him. If we don’t, he’ll fall forward, he’ll bounce off tackles and he’ll make us pay the way Fred [Taylor] did."
- Mike Tomlin
Morning friends. You may have noticed the lack of presence on my part yesterday. It was a long day, but nothing's in my way now. So expect a full side by side comparison later on.

Until then, enjoy this photoshop goodness...


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Tobiathan said...

I hate to say it but we're all-or-nothing these next two weeks.

Yet again we're up against a team with zero to lose and everything to gain by smacking our guys down. I'd much rather be playing another playoff-contender.

It's been a tough year to be a Steeler fan. I think Tomlin is starting to realize that the "even-keeled", supercoolguy thing ain't totally working out. He needs to shake some shit up.

I'm still in favor of at least trying Max Starks at DL. The guy is HUGE and strong, and knows alll the tricks of an OL since he "is" And we truly need a force in the middle to relieve Casey and Chris. Two guys aren't enough against most teams.

I don't understand why our D-line is always so thin. It seems like most other teams emphasize defensive line in free-agency and the draft while we take third- and fourth-rounders hoping to develop them.

It might be a different year with a dominant pass-rusher. In all fairness though: our D-line HAS been held over and over this year without any help from officials.

Why does the league hate the Steelers?

I duno...i just want to see a couple wins and a big transformation by the post-season.

Cotter said...

Duder, it's gonna be ok. I just want you to know that. The Steelers will come through...I hope...uh...let's just wait and see...